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Q Communications (Staff)

Q Communication has replaced School Messenger as our emergency broadcast mechanism. It has also replaced Remind 101 in the district for all staff who use Remind 101, as Remind is not a secure means of communication and does not comply with our safety/security standards. Q offers two-way, private communication with individuals/groups.

How to Access Q Communications:

Your Feed

  • Announcement Feed: The chronological feed of announcements from the district, schools, classes, and groups that you belong.
  • Districts, Schools, Classes, Groups: To filter your feed down to a specific school, class or group, just click on it within this side menu.
  • Follow Groups: Click on the plus button next to groups and check out groups to follow in your district.
  • Create Announcement: Click the Create button to compose an announcement for your school or group.
  • Direct Messages: Use Messages to start a conversation with an individual or a small group.
  • Settings: To update your personal settings just click on your avatar in the left-hand menu.


  • Classes: By clicking on a class your feed will filter down to just those announcements.
  • Class Info: Next to your class title you’ll see an info button. Click this to open the Info Panel containing your class roster.
  • Info Panel: Within the Info Panel, you can edit the class display name, add a class avatar and quickly jump into a conversation with any of your students or guardians.
  • Views: The total number of views is shown below each announcement. For a detailed list of who has and has not viewed, click on the icon and the list will slide out just like the Info Panel.


  • Create: Click the “Create” button to start composing your announcement.
  • Recipients: Start typing in what class or group should receive your announcement and select from the populated list.
  • Announcement Area: Once you have selected the recipient(s) just enter in your announcement below. If you attached a file or an image to the announcement, it will appear as a link.
  • Toolbar: Further customize your announcement by attaching files and/or revising the machine language translations for your non-English speaking members. If you attached a file or an image to the announcement, it will appear as a link in a text message if a text message is sent.
  • Preview: When your announcement is ready, click on the Preview button in the toolbar.

  • Text Translation: After initially typing out your announcement in English, select “Text Translation” in the toolbar.
  • Language Tabs: The language options are populated by your recipients’ preferred languages. Use the tabs to navigate through the available translations.
  • Edit Field: To revise a translation just click into the text box and make any changes.
  • Revert: If you ever need to reset the announcement back to the initial machine translation just click the “Revert to original” button below the edit field.
  • Minimize: When you are finished editing tap the minimize button to return back to the announcement composer.

  • Queue Button: Any announcement scheduled for future delivery can be accessed here.
  • Delivery Schedule: This column will show when the announcement is scheduled for distribution.
  • Edit & Delete: Use the Edit button to revise any part of your announcement or scheduling. To completely remove an announcement from the queue use the Delete button.

  • Preview: When you’re finished move on to the Preview screen for one last opportunity to review the announcement before sending.
  • Language Dropdown: If any of your recipients have a preferred language other than English, you can preview the translated announcement here.
  • Schedule or Send: If everything looks good you can send now or schedule for later. Delivery modality is based on each member’s preference and preferred language.


Direct Messages

  • Direct Message Toggle: Click on the speech bubble icon to jump over to Direct Messages.
  • Create a new message: After clicking on the “Create a new message” button just type in your recipient, enter your message and send it.
  • Message Archive: Here you can quickly jump back into your recent conversations or search your recipient history.
  • DM Auto-Translation: When sending a message, the app instantly translates it for both parties based on their preferred language (editable within Personal Settings). If you want to view the original message just tap this translation toggle.
  • Message Entry / Send Attachment: Here you can either type your message or send an attachment (paper clip icon). When you begin typing, the Send button will replace the Attachment button. Messages are delivered instantly inside the app. Depending on how the recipient has notifications set up, they will be notified via email or SMS text if a message is received while offline.

Mobile Device Access


  • Visit:
  • There's an option to "Add to Home Screen" on bottom menu if you'd like to bookmark this page.
  • Request the desktop site by:
    • Safari browser: tap and hold on the refresh symbol at the top right of the screen. It is the circular arrow. You will get an option to “Request Desktop Site” or “Reload”.  Select the Request Desktop Site and the site will reload as if you were on a desktop.
    • Chrome browser: click the three dots at the bottom of the screen and then select the “Request Desktop Site”.
  • Follow the steps to select “Q Communications” from the left navigation menu.


  • Visit: 
  • There's an option to "Add to Home Screen" on the same settings menu if you'd like to bookmark this page.
  • Request the desktop site by:
    • Samsung, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers: select the three stacked dots on the top right corner of the browser to open the browser options window. Select "Request Desktop Site" or click the box to select the "Desktop Site."
  • Follow the steps to select “Q Communications” from the left navigation menu.

Profile Settings

  • Settings Menu: Click on your avatar to open your settings.
  • Photo: To upload or change your profile photo just click on the large avatar and follow the upload instructions.
  • Display Name: Click on your name to edit how your name will be displayed within the app.
  • Add / Edit: To add an email or phone number, visit and select the BHHS STAFF tab for instructions. This information needs to be updated in the HR system that syncs with Q Communications.
  • Language Preference: Adjust your preferred language to receive translated announcements and direct messages.
  • Sign Out: There is a Sign Out option under the personal settings gear icon. As an enhanced security feature, Q will also timeout after 20 minutes of non-activity. 


  • Notification Settings: Only want certain kinds of announcements sent to your phone or email? Here you can click/unclick the check boxes to update these granular settings. 


  • Activity Alert: You can easily open the Activity Panel by clicking on the activity “bell” icon.
  • Activity Panel: Similar to other social apps, the Activity Panel shows you a quick overview of the activity related to your account. Click on anything within the Activity list to be taken to that specific Announcement or DM conversation.


New Features

Q Communications now offers two-way texting, enhanced email editing, and a "just right" communication channel!

  • Two-way texting
    Families and staff can now respond via text message to messages sent out via Q Communications. Phone numbers are masked for security.
  • Enhanced email editing
    Now when you select the email channel for the first time, you will see the popup box giving you the opportunity to format a message that is more compatible with major email tools. 
  • Email editor "just right" announcement
    After creating an announcement, the channels page now has a selection to specifically choose a channel.  All announcements automatically are available on the feed, and you can choose which channel is best for the message.

Reminders & Tips

Introduce Yourself

Staff: When you send a Q Communication message, don't forget to begin by introducing yourself. Families receiving the notices by text and telephone call won't have the benefit of seeing a caller ID to identify you and they might miss your important notice if you don't start by introducing yourself to them. 

Numbered Lists

Teachers: A numbered list of events, or important class notes, are an effective way to utilize Q Communications. This example was used by Gary Raines, WHMS teacher. Way to go, Gary!


How Do I Add Members to a Group?

  • Select the Dashboard icon
  • Select "Groups" from the left navigation
  • Select the Group (if the group doesn't show up automatically, type the name of it in to search by name)
  • Select the 'circle plus button' to the right of "members" to add members
  • Type the name of the member you would like to add and select their name when it appears
  • Continue to follow these steps until all of your members are added

How Do I Filter My Message to Send to Specific Users or Groups?


  • When you create a new notice, start with the blue plus sign in the top, right corner then enter the group name you wish to send to.
  • Click on the number of people and filter down to the roles you would like to select.
  • Send your message through all of the usual steps.