Mission & Vision


To enable learners to become architects of their futures, building on a foundation of scholarship, citizenship, service, and integrity.

Data Dashboard

Data Reflective of 2018-19 School Year

Bloomfield Hills Schools has created this dashboard to give a transparent snapshot of measurable components within the school system. This page shares a glimpse of our data for the former school year. You may access additional information by clicking on the links. Keep in mind that assessment is an ongoing process integral to instructional planning and the monitoring of academic progress. In addition to the data from the assessments included on this page, the educators in Bloomfield Hills Schools use a wide-range of tools and strategies to assess students, measure their progress, determine the effectiveness of our instruction, and to plan and implement future learning experiences for our students. We believe in enabling learners to become architects of their futures, building on a foundation of scholarship, citizenship, service and integrity.


Strategic Plan Goals


BHS will provide an educational experience where all learners are empowered to reach their unique potential reflecting the BHS “Portrait of Learner”.


BHS will adopt measurable best practices in:

  • 1. Providing experiential, student-centered learning, emphasizing a high level of effective research and inquiry throughout the curriculum.
  • 2. Optimizing our use of time to best support the learning needs of students and staff.
  • 3. Implementing multiple ways for students to show evidence of learning.
  • 4. Providing all students a rigorous curriculum aligned to standards for every subject.
  • 5. Ensuring ongoing opportunities for student choice and voice across all disciplines.
  • 6. Ensuring that students of all abilities are offered the consistent and coherent support needed to reach their potential (MTSS, 504, IEP, etc.)
  • 7. Educating the whole child and intentionally planning for the social/emotional well-being of all students.


BHS will maximize and equitably allocate resources to achieve District goals.
  • Ensure safe and secure facilities.
  • Support students’ learning and engagement with state of the art facilities, technology and materials.
  • Expand availability and community use of district facilities.
  • Develop multiple revenue streams and cost sharing opportunities.
  • Support the continued growth of the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation.
  • Establish a review process to assess how programs affect students in order to allocate resources equitably to cover the full range of student needs and abilities.
  • Create a broad-based collaborative of stakeholders to attract and retain families with school age children to Bloomfield Hills Schools.


BHS will continue to attract, retain, and develop a high quality workforce that supports every student through:
  • A collaborative culture of trust, engagement, and growth.
  • The strength of diverse voices and multiple perspectives.
  • The engagement and empowerment of every employee.

Strategic Plan Goal 4


BHS provides all community members with information to be engaged and empowered.
  • Provide clear, consistent, and comprehensive communication.
  • Create, sustain, and grow relationships and partnerships.
  • Use a variety of tools and activities to provide open and accessible communications.

Strategic Plan Resources

Legacy Resources

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Master Property Planning

Since the 2014-2015 school year, Bloomfield Hills Schools has engaged in the community in a Master Property Planning process. This Master Property Planning is determining the best use for the buildings and properties no longer housing specific school programming as of September 2015.

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Sinking Fund Overview

School Improvement Plans

BHS is committed to a continual process of improvement throughout each building and across the district. School Improvement Plans are reviewed, updated and submitted to the Michigan Department of Education annually.

For more information on Student Improvement Plans please view the Michigan Department of Education Advanced website.