ALICE Training




Bloomfield Hills Schools is dedicated to providing an exemplary education to our students. In order for our students to become successful learners, we hold as one of our highest priorities providing a safe learning environment. We also believe that school safety is a fluid concept with intentional layers of support for our students and staff, and we work diligently to continuously monitor and evaluate our safety protocols and procedures.

Bloomfield Hills School, in partnership with the Bloomfield Township Police Department, will now be using ALICE (Alert, Lockdown,Inform, Counter, Evacuate) protocols. All staff and students will be trained to the ALICE protocols over the course of the 2022-23 school year. Portions of this training will be conducted by our law enforcement partners. 

The purpose of introducing ALICE is to prepare our staff to recognize and respond if there ever is an emergency/lockdown situation. ALICE is recognized across the country as an additional component to the traditional “lockdown” response.


ALICE Acronym

The acronym will help in responding to a critical incident, and consists of five strategies:

Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate.

  • The purpose of ALERT is to notify as many people as possible that a potentially life-threatening risk exists.
  • The purpose of LOCKDOWN is to secure in place, and prepare to EVACUATE or COUNTER, if needed.
  • The purpose of INFORM is to communicate in real time the location of an intruder.
  • The purpose of COUNTER is to interrupt the intruder in an attempt to make it difficult or impossible to aim, or carry out a threat. This is a strategy of last resort.
  • The purpose of EVACUATE is to remove yourself from the danger zone, when it is safe to do so.

ALICE is not sequential, nor is it meant to be a checklist of things to do. It is a list of options that can be used to stay safe in the highly unlikely event of a critical incident.

Elementary Training Video

Middle School Training Video

High School Training Video