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Experiential Learning

At Bloomfield Hills Schools, we're committed to the belief that learning transcends the confines of traditional classrooms. Our philosophy is simple: when students take a concept or idea and apply it to real-life situations, their education takes on new meaning. It's about the spark that ignites when classroom knowledge meets the world outside. This is the essence of experiential learning – a dynamic approach that fosters engagement, empowerment, and connections between knowledge, inquiry, and action.


Young scientists incubate and hatch chicks, an engaging process that not only deepens students' comprehension of lifecycles but also unravels the quintessential needs of living organisms – sustenance, water, and shelter. By closely observing both the fledgling chicks and their mature counterparts, students solidify their understanding of these fundamental aspects of life.

Bowers School Farm Partnership: A Dynamic Transition In collaboration with BHS's Bowers School Farm, students become firsthand witnesses to the chicks' growth and transformation. As the chicks flourish, they transition to their new haven in the farm's chicken coop. This journey becomes an opportunity for many BHS students to cultivate a genuine affection for the farm and actively participate in the farm community. 

Empowering Fifth-Grade Ecologists: Exploring Pond Ecosystems Fifth graders delve into the intricate world of ecology, collecting and analyzing pond samples, uncovering a rich tapestry of organisms at the Johnson Nature Center. This endeavor grants them a profound appreciation for the role these organisms play in the delicate balance of the natural world.

Championing Advocacy and Responsibility Empowered by their newfound knowledge, students are encouraged to take on the role of advocates. They embrace the responsibility to safeguard the local environment and champion the cause of native species. By taking tangible and responsible actions, these young ecologists contribute to the preservation of the delicate ecosystems that surround us.


Elementary students also experience time in our Ingenuity Labs.

This elementary unified arts course is designed to implement design thinking, making, and engineering. This course helps students to hone their problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills through hands-on learning. The experiences and challenges completed in this class will develop creative, resilient, and independent thinkers who represent Bloomfield Hills Schools Portrait of a Learner.

Middle School

Middle school students step into a world of hands-on, authentic experiential learning, where education becomes an immersive journey:

Project Lead the Way Mastery

  • Dive into the world of mathematics and design with our Project Lead the Way units.
  • Witness the application of mathematical and design skills through captivating units on design and modeling, flight and space, and green architecture.

Design Class Innovations

  • Embrace the realm of design classes, where every student explores computer science principles.
  • Unveil the art of coding in our cutting-edge STEM labs, fostering a deep understanding of technology.

Endless Possibilities

  • Choose your path with a variety of enriching options.
  • Immerse in robotics and automation, uncover medical mysteries through the eyes of a detective, or venture into the world of app creation

High School: Career and Professional Pathways

Biomedical Pathways Seniors Share Internship Projects

Exploring Future Careers

  • BHHS high schoolers delve into potential careers through experiential learning opportunities.
  • Choose from a range of paths including computer science, veterinary science, health sciences, performing arts, and more.

Real-World Exposure

  • Immerse in career capstone experiences and embrace the world of small business management and entrepreneurship.
  • Tap into an array of offerings through the Oakland Technical Center, expanding horizons like never before.

At Bloomfield Hills Schools, we redefine education through experiential learning that leaves a lasting impact.

Lone Pine Third Grade Students Experience Full-Day Nature Center Field Trip