2020 Bond

Bond Dashboard Report April 2021


Bond Dashboard Report April 2021

Bond Update January 2021

With the passage of the $200 million bond in August 2020, Bloomfield Hills Schools administrators and staff are excited and hard at work planning for the future of our schools. Working hand in hand with French Associates, the architecture firm hired by Bloomfield Hills Schools, hundreds of district staff members have taken part in 29 planning sessions. The plans for the new and renovated structures are educator-driven, to ensure that teachers have a direct impact in designing student-centered schools.

Currently, two Bloomfield middle schools house grades 4 through 8, and one middle school houses grades 5 through 8. By fall of 2023, there will still be four elementary schools, and all will serve Kindergarten through grades 5, and the two middle schools, temporarily named “North Hills” and “South Hills,” will serve students in grades 6 through 8. The North campus will be located where Lahser High School once stood, and the South campus will stand at the current Bloomfield Hills Middle School.

Among some of the features planned for both North Hills and South Hills Middle Schools are re-designed parking lots and drives to facilitate bus and car movement; front vestibule areas to ensure safe and secure entry into the buildings; remodeled gymnasiums and new performing arts spaces; new STEAM spaces; expanded athletic facilities; the addition of many common spaces for collaborative learning; new and improved technology infrastructure; multiple outdoor classroom spaces at each middle school; and media centers serving as a central hub of the buildings.  Each grade will have at least eight class spaces, with some removable walls to allow for flexible classes.  These grade-wide Learning Communities mirror the Learning Communities that exist at Bloomfield Hills High School.

Also fundamental to the new architecture, special education will be prioritized in the designs of the two middle schools. Special education classrooms will be centrally located in the buildings, allowing students to gain easier access to all classrooms. Additionally, support services including counseling offices, social work, OT/PT and speech pathology will be embedded in special education and general education learning spaces in both buildings. We are also incorporating exercise rooms that will be utilized for age-appropriate sensory input.  Accessibility is integrated into all student spaces. 

With the planning well underway, construction has already begun at the North Hills Middle School campus. Site surveys are completed, underground pipes have been inspected, temporary fencing has been placed, asbestos abatement is underway, and selective demolition has begun.  

To learn more specific details, you can view the January 14 Board of Education meeting where the bond update was discussed at length, and presented by district administrators: Bond Update at BOE.

School Building Details

2020 School Building and Site Bonds

Bloomfield Hills Schools is quickly working through the issuance process for Series 1 of the Bloomfield Hills Schools 2020 School Building and Site Bonds (Unlimited Tax General Obligation). We are happy to share that our local community will have a first priority opportunity to purchase the District's bonds that are expected to be sold mid-October.