Maps of Changing Neighborhoods

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Catchment Update

The goal of new catchment boundaries is to establish four equitably sized kindergarten through grade 5 elementary schools and two equitably sized grade 6 through 8 middle schools. Within each of these schools, having equitable populations will allow students to have more robust curricular options, preserve our teacher team model, and allow staff to not have to travel between schools. 

The new system has a symmetrical structure, such that four elementary schools feed into two middle schools, which then feed into one Bloomfield Hills High School. Eastover and Way Elementary Schools will feed into North Hills Middle School. Conant and Lone Pine Elementary Schools will feed into the current BHMS site, the South Hills Middle School campus. 

The Bloomfield Hills School community was recently provided with a digital survey in which they could share feedback on the two new middle school names, mascots, and school colors. Based on community feedback, North Hills Middle School and South Hills Middle School will be the names for the two new campuses. The mascots and school colors will be the same as Bloomfield Hills High School; Black Hawk with a color palette of purple, grey, and black.

Based on population data, the new catchment map shows that students will be shifted from east to west. The goal is to balance enrollment to approximately 550 students at each elementary school. In the two new middle schools, the goal is to create two schools with 600 to 650 students total. 

Legacy Guidelines and Transition Planning

Residents living within the impacted neighborhoods, with children in grades 1-5 starting in the fall of 2023, will be allowed to stay in their current school. This option is also available for a younger sibling of a student who has selected the Legacy Transfer Option and will be attending elementary school for at least one year at the same time as their sibling. For example, a kindergarten student in the fall of 2023 who has an older sibling that will be in 2nd grade would be eligible for this option. A Legacy Transfer Request ends after 5th grade, and students will attend their assigned neighborhood middle school in grades 6 - 8. Families choosing a Request a Legacy Transfer will need to make plans to provide their own transportation.

Another new option for families is the Request to Transfer Early. In the fall of 2022, this option is available for residents living within the impacted neighborhoods that would like to transfer early to their newly assigned elementary school. Space will be limited and a window will be open in May 2022, where families can request to transfer early. The district has provided information about this to impacted families. Families requesting an early transfer will need to provide their own transportation next school year; busing will begin in 2023-24.

Another important element of the new boundaries is cohorting students. Families will have the opportunity to make student placement requests with familiar faces and neighborhood friends. While not all requests can be granted, this family input will be given strong consideration for those families joining a new school community. 

Designing Welcome Plans for New Families

School administration teams and PTOs will help support the transitions that will come with the new Catchment Boundaries. They will design welcome plans and develop transition activities in an intentional way to ensure that families are supported and welcomed. 


Catchment Area Plan