BHS New Configuration


School Building Details

Current Eastover Site

The current Eastover Elementary School building would no longer house Eastover students (who would move to the current East Hills Middle School site). The building would then be renovated to serve as a site for Bloomin' Preschools.

Conant Elementary School

Conant Elementary School would continue to house Conant students (after receiving an addition and renovations). The current Bloomin' Preschool site on the Conant property would receive an addition and renovations.

"What about Fox Hills & Bloomin' Lone Pine?"

We have a few opportunities...

Fox Hills and Bloomin' Lone Pine would no longer house the Bloomin' Preschool program. It is possible both sites would be torn down, but the Board of Education would approach this decision after the other spaces are occupied and the two locations are empty. 

​There are opportunities for the district to keep the physical structures (if needed later), demolish the structures and keep the land (if needed later), use the vacant land for community parks, or sell the land to developers.

​These decisions would come much later - likely in 2025.