Safe & Flexible

An uncompromising commitment to school safety sometimes requires compromises in learning environment flexibility. We can provide both a safe and flexible learning environment for our students by utilizing both modern school design concepts and safety best practices.

Ensuring a safe environment isn't exciting; it's expected. Controlling access to our schools while providing community gathering space is vitally important. In this plan, Bloomfield Hills Schools would continue to maintain a safe learning environment by adding:

  • New safe and secure entries
    As school districts look to enhance their overall security measures, access control becomes an issue of increasing importance. Secure vestibules provide an environment where a school can begin their screening process for those about to enter their facility. At BHS, secure vestibules will provide both an audio and visual means to assist with this process. Secure vestibules also allow for a quick means to secure a facility should the need arise. BHS aims to follow best practices and the recommendations as set forth by FEMA’s Systems Based Approach to layered school security.

  • More security cameras

  • Safety film on select windows (safety film helps to fortify the glass)

  • Select parking lot reconfigurations to minimize traffic and pedestrian safety concerns

  • Digital attendance methods to rapidly take attendance and free up more time for instruction
  • Technology infrastructure that better supports a safe and secure digital experience for all learners
  • Technology devices to support safe and secure digital learning for all students

Secure Vestibule Construction Progress