Technology & Furniture

In order to foster deep learning, care for children's well-being, and meet the needs of all students, classrooms are designed with a focus on active learning, future-proof design, and synergy with research-based teaching practices. Learning environments have been designed to include:
  • Moveable walls for co-teaching.
  • Flexible furniture to create responsive learning environments.
  • Adequate storage to provide access to a variety of tools and resources.
  • Spaces for collaboration.
  • Soft-seating for both quiet study and collaborative learning.

The Fall of 2022 brought new technology and furniture pilots to the district in all K-8 buildings. Pilot classrooms range from Kindergarten to 6th grade and feature a variety of floorplans from different vendors. Teachers and students are encouraged to fully explore the possibilities afforded by flexible furniture and interactive technologies. Stakeholder input is a crucial component of the bond process; both teacher and student feedback will be gathered during the 2022-2023 school year and used to inform final decisions for updated spaces.