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Facility Rentals

Cynthia Von Oeyen Performing Arts Center
Bloomfield Hills High School

At Bloomfield Hills Schools, we take pride in offering not just a top-tier education for our students, but also the chance for businesses and individuals to make use of our cutting-edge learning spaces and sports facilities for various purposes. Whether it's for corporate meetings or sports events, our state-of-the-art conference rooms and outdoor venues are open for rental to the entire community. Take advantage of these opportunities at highly competitive rates and experience the excellence of Bloomfield Hills Schools beyond our student body.

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Booth Center Conference Rooms

Booth Center has state-of-the-art, fully -equipped conference facilities and meeting rooms for 6 to 200 people! Catering and beverage service is also available through our Food Service Department.

BHHS Gymnasium

For sports leagues or groups looking to rent facilities for a one-time or ongoing use, we have parking lots, pools, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, football fields, gymnasiums, classrooms, cafeterias, and media centers.

BHHS Cynthia Von Oeyen Performing Arts Center

The Bloomfield Hills High School Performing Arts Center offers state-of-the-art lighting and sound, advanced acoustics, a second floor balcony, a large stage, and approximately 760 seats for your audience.

BHHS Main Commons

Located adjacent to the Cynthia Von Oeyen Performing Arts Center, the Main Commons offers a convenient extension to any event when renting the auditorium. This versatile space is ideal for hosting meetings, celebrations, and various events, providing ample room to set up several round tables.

Walnut Lake Waterfront

The West Hills Middle School Walnut Lake waterfront and picnic area is the perfect space for birthday parties, showers, and other special events.

Johnson Nature Center

The Johnson Nature Center is available for birthday party rentals only; no large events. Please visit for more information and to inquire about birthday party options.


Facility Use Terms

Applicant (including its members, guests, employees, agents and representatives) agrees to indemnify the district (including its employees, agents and representatives) and to hold indemnified parties harmless from any and all costs and damages arising from or relating to any and all negligent, intentional or illegal acts of omissions of the applicant (or its member, guests, employees, agents and representatives). This duty to indemnify and hold harmless includes, but is not limited to, promptly reimbursing the District for all actual attorneys' fees, cost, settlements, judgments, interest and bonds.



1. At the elementary level those evening activities which are scheduled (such as concerts and PTO functions) are over by 9 p.m.

2. Middle school activities scheduled in the evening will be concluded by 9:30 p.m.

3. At the high school level games and programs are generally over by 10 p.m. Practices will be concluded by 10 p.m. on weeknights with the exception of a few musical presentations may run until 10:30 p.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, games and overtime dances may last until midnight.

4. Any event which will need to be scheduled past 10 p.m. will need special approval by the principal, or designee, on the facility request form.

5. At least five (5) working days time requirement may be made if a desired facility is available and if time permits making necessary arrangements.



1. All persons or groups using school facilities shall be responsible for the proper supervision, control and accommodation of persons attending the activity. The applicant is held responsible for the preservation of order.

2. The Board of Education assumes no responsibility for properties left on the premises by the applicant.

3. All district equipment be under the control of the Board of Education.

4. All persons or groups shall assume all liabilities for damages which may occur in, on, or about any Bloomfield Hills Schools’ facilities while said persons or groups are using those facilities when damage to property or injury to persons is the result of either the acts or negligence of the users or their agents, servants, guests, employees or representatives.

5. The applicant agrees to reimburse promptly any loss or damage occurring during applicant’s use of facilities.

6. The charges listed in the rental or services information package include custodial services except where overtime charges are incurred which will be added.

7. Persons or groups who fail to adhere to the policies and regulations established by the Board and by the Superintendent of Schools shall subject themselves to forfeiture of privileges of future use by Bloomfield Hills Schools’ facilities.

8. Use of kitchen equipment and facilities is not allowed. The District Food Service Department should be contacted directly to arrange for them to cater the event. Kitchen facilities are defined to include all equipment within the kitchen, use of the oven to warm food prepared off premises, and the counter to serve coffee and food.

9. In the absence of any designated employee of the School District, school facilities shall be under the direct control of the attending custodian.

10. No alcoholic beverages shall be brought to, or consumed in the building or on the grounds of the Bloomfield Hills Schools.

11. Smoking shall not be allowed in any district facility or property.

12. Parking is restricted to designated areas only, which are established as “parking areas” and where signs are posted.

13. All trash in the nature of paper, cans, garbage and other refuse is to be placed in disposal receptacles where provided, or carried away with the user.

14. The Board of Education or its representatives shall have free access to all rooms or buildings at all times.

15. Individuals or group leaders utilizing facilities may file an evaluation feedback form with the manager of the operations/maintenance on the first day following the use of the facility, describing any concerns or favorable reactions regarding the conditions of the facility, equipment, or manpower services rendered during the use of the facility.

16. Outdoor general rules and regulations are covered by a separate listing available at each of the administrative offices.

17. Regular rental charges will always prevail when an admission charge or moneymaking event is scheduled by individuals or groups not sponsored by Bloomfield Hills Schools.

18. Helium balloons shall not be allowed in any of the cafeterias in the Bloomfield Hills School District.

19. No seating available in the fieldhouses of the Middle Schools and High Schools. 20. No food or beverages are allowed in any of the Bloomfield Hills Schools gyms and field houses.