Developing Global Leaders

As part of our desire to fulfill our mission to educate all of our learners so they may achieve their individual potential and build meaningful and productive lives in a global society, Bloomfield Hills Schools has engaged in a process to Develop Global Leaders. This work includes:
  • Global Champions training (by invitation) - Staff, community, parents, students over 6 full days.
  • Institute for Healing Racism (by invitation) - Intensive 2-day training. Two courses will be offered this year, the first of which took place in August, 2015.
  • Student Voice - A component of Global Champions, but which will eventually become a full course for BHS students.

During the Global Champions training, participants will learn to:

  • Examine the dynamics and impact of individual and institutional "first culture" lens
  • Understand characteristics and impact of varied socio-economic realities on learning environments
  • Assess skills required to navigate culture shock/ increase global capacity, inclusion and equity with the "culture of the school district"
  • Define strategies for building educational global communities
  • Recognize impact of cultural characteristics of learners, families, schools on student achievement
  • Analyze cultural responses to assistance, intervention, authority, guidance in a global community
  • Explore dominant culture and cross cultural communication skills/strategies in global communities
  • Understand development and impact of globally relevant curriculum, instruction and school events

As role models, advocates and allies for BHS students, families and staff, graduates of the Global Champions course will have the opportunity to continue the work of building systemic cultural capacity and increasing equity and inclusion throughout the district.

To view the Global Education Work Plan click here.