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Fox Hills Farm 1981
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Hickory Grove & Pine Lake Memorabilia

Artwork Tile


Initially, we thought it possible to remove the artwork tiles and give each back to the original owner, but it became clear that would not be possible without damaging more than 1/2 of the tiles in the process. There are many tile companies that would be happy to take the image we provide and re-create the tile for you. We do not have a specific company to suggest, but suggest you begin by Googling "create custom printed tile", which should yield many results.

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Bricks are currently stored at Lahser near the fieldhouse. All other memorabilia that could be removed from both sites was removed and taken to the district offices where it will be relocated due to its significance and historical value.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the memorabilia from Pine Lake or Hickory Grove, please email

Honoring the Past: Lahser & Andover

Trophies & Awards

A small number of most notable awards for both Lahser and Andover High Schools (typically regional level championships and greater) have been placed into a special display area honoring both schools. Trophies not displayed in this way due to limited space are being digitally photographed and categorized by year/sport so that they can be viewed digitally online or accessed via a display within the school. Once digitally recorded, the original trophies will be offered back to the coaches/teams to which they were given.

Athletic Records & Banners

Effective July 1, 2013, records for Andover and Lahser were closed and new records started for BHHS. Banners and record boards hanging in each high school are being digitally recorded and will be included in the online database with the trophies and other items. A new BHHS record board is posted in the gymnasium of the main campus.


As with trophies, the mascots for both Andover and Lahser are being appropriately commemorated in either physical and/or digital form. Both the Lahser Knight and Andover Baron statues currently stand watch over the Legacy Courtyard at BHHS.

Scholarships & Dedicated Items

These have been maintained to the maximum extent possible. In cases where trees or other items cannot physically survive relocation, we are working directly with the parties who established or who manage the program in question to determining the most appropriate course of action.

Surplus Uniforms & Other Items

These items were offered for sale.

Slates to Computers

Slates to Computers,  written by Amylee Chamberlain in 1980, is an excellent description of the history of Bloomfield Hills Schools. According to it, the first schoolhouse was built perhaps as early as 1822! Copies are available in each Media Center.

Sharing Legacy Items & Memories

If you'd like to share a legacy item or other memory, please email and we would be happy to assist you!