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Ensuring Safe and Enjoyable School Transportation

The safety and well-being of our students are our top priorities. We are dedicated to transporting children to and from school and school activities in a secure environment, where compassion, caring, and courtesy prevail.

Our Impressive Fleet: With a fleet of 55 buses, we maintain a robust transportation system that caters to the needs of our students. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained by our team of skilled mechanics, ensuring their mechanical soundness and reliability. We take immense pride in consistently achieving a perfect 100% rating in the Michigan State Police Inspections for the past 31 years, a testament to our commitment to safety.

A Secure and Pleasant Journey: We want every student who rides our buses to feel safe, secure, and comfortable throughout their journey. Our drivers are trained professionals who prioritize the well-being of our students, fostering a warm and caring environment onboard. We strive to create a positive atmosphere where students can enjoy their bus ride and arrive at their destination with a smile.

Wishing You a Safe and Happy School Year: As another school year begins, we extend our best wishes for a safe and successful academic journey. We are dedicated to providing exceptional transportation services, ensuring that each student reaches their destination in a timely and secure manner.

School Bus Rider Safety Guide

Bloomfield Hills Schools welcomes your family as a partner in ensuring all students have a safe, comfortable, and welcoming experience on the school bus! Students learn about bus safety throughout the year, however, families are encouraged to discuss bus safety with children regularly. 

Contact Transportation

23-24 School Year Transportation Updates

Walk Zones

Bloomfield Hills Schools offers bus transportation for students who are residents in our district who attend our schools, with the exception of those within walk zones. Each of our schools has a walk zone - this is an area that is close to the school where transportation is not provided (typically 1.5 miles or less). Students with disabilities may have transportation services as part of their education plan, and the walk zone would not apply. 

Walk Zones for Each School

Crossing Guards

Each of our K-8 schools have a crossing guard present during arrival and dismissal times. Before the year begins, you will receive information from us with drop off and pick up instructions, which will include the location of the crossing guard. 

Bus Routes

For students eligible for bus transportation, route and bus information will be visible in ParentPortal on September 1. In addition, you will also receive an email invitation directly from the Stopfinder app on September 1 to gain access to your account. Routes will be worked on continually and may change significantly up until the start of school. Please check Stopfinder again on Monday, September 4 to see if your route was affected.

Neighborhood stops

We have moved to neighborhood stops for all grades and schools. This means that stops will be at intersections and there will no longer be address stops (with the exception of some houses on roads with speed limits 45mph and greater.) This does not apply to Special Needs Transportation.

Students cannot ride home on a different bus

Students are not permitted to ride home with one another (going home with a friend) if it is not on the same bus. We are still experiencing an extreme shortage of bus drivers and our buses are operating at full capacity.

Stay Connected with Stopfinder

We understand the importance of keeping you informed about route changes and delays. That's why we utilize Stopfinder, a communication app that brings convenience and real-time updates right to your fingertips. With the Stopfinder App, you can stay connected and stay ahead.

Here's what you can expect with Stopfinder:

  1. Know Your Child's Bus Schedule.
    Stopfinder allows you to access and stay informed about the schedule of your child's bus. Say goodbye to uncertainty and stay on top of pick-up and drop-off times effortlessly.

  2. Receive Push Notifications.
    Never miss an important update again! Stopfinder delivers push notifications directly to your device, keeping you informed about any changes to your child's bus schedule. You'll stay in the loop and be prepared for any adjustments that may occur.

  3. Real-Time Bus Location. 
    With Stopfinder's GeoAlerts feature, you can create your own personalized alert zones. Receive real-time information about the location of your child's bus, ensuring you're always aware of its progress. It's an added layer of reassurance and peace of mind.

To Get Connected:

The transportation department will send an invitation to the email addresses on file for the student's contacts directly from Stopfinder. This invitation will provide you with instructions on how to get started and connect with the app. If you haven't received an invitation or need any assistance, please reach out to us by sending an email to We're here to help and ensure you have a seamless experience with Stopfinder.


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