Each building is responsible for purchasing its own supplies. We have identified these vendor arrangements for your convenience. Please help conserve district resources by using our discounted pricing unless a lower price is found. Use logins provided to have discounts automatically applied. Please use your purchasing card to place orders whenever possible.

For questions, please contact:
Tina Kostiuk

Consortium Bids

Using Purchasing Consortium bids allows the District to obtain pricing on items that have already been competitively bid. We benefit from volume discounts and fulfill competitive bid requirements.


HPS (Hospital Purchasing Services) bid access instructions are detailed on the attachment below.

When ordering from this bid please remember to choose HB (HPS Bid) from the drop down on the Req. Codes tab.

Click here to access the bid and search the catalog at the top right of the screen.

User name: bloo1622
Password: 436110

Oakland Schools Cooperative Contracts Network - OSCCN

Oakland Schools Offers Cooperative Bids with competitive pricing.

  • This service is FREE
  • All contracts are competitively bid
  • Access 400+ contracts immediately from several purchasing programs/associations
  • Save time searching on multiple websites for suitable contracts
  • Save money; 18-30% off retail prices
  • Receive email updates when new contracts are added (no more than four emails per year)

Click here to go view bids available through OSCCN

REMC (Regional Educational Media Center)

REMC (Regional Educational Media Center)

REMC sponsors bids in the following categories: School Supplies, Office Supplies, Equipment, Software, Computer and Networking, Paper.

It is important to note that REMC only provides pricing information. Actual purchases are made directly with the corresponding vendor.

When inputting a purchase requisition please add Req.Codes RB - REMC BID from the drop down.

If you are purchasing from Office Depot our REMC Office Depot Account # is 85160590. You can order by phone at 866.725.1752.

Click here to go to the REMC BID page.

The Interlocal Purchasing System - TIPS


1. Visit

  • Choose "All Contracts" to view a List of Categories Awarded
  • Choose "All Vendors" to view a List of Awarded Vendors (Alphabetically)
  • Search Option - There is a Search Bar in the upper right corner. You may search by Company Name, Item or Service.

2. Contact TIPS Vendor to obtain a TIPS Quote. Must identify yourself as a TIPS MEMBER requesting a TIPS QUOTE.

3. Create a Purchase Order:

  • PO should be made to VENDOR/Company. Do not make PO payable to TIPS.
  • PO must have TIPS CONTRACT #___________ listed. Vendor Contract Number is listed on the Vendor Profile Page of the TIPS Website or the Vendor should have listed it on the Quote.
  • If using a Vendor Reseller - Must list Vendor Name / Reseller Name.

4. Check the Vendor's Profile Page on the TIPS Website for submission instructions. Instructions will be listed in the upper right corner of the Vendor's Profile Page. These are the OPTIONS:

NOTE for all PO's: Please scan and email quote or back up documentation for the purchase behind the PO.

  • "AUTOMATED" Vendor Status - means this vendor accepts all TIPS PO's direct. PO's do not have to be sent to TIPS for validation and processing. The vendor has accepted responsibility with TIPS to provide a monthly report of all TIPS Sales. PLEASE EMAIL PO DIRECT TO VENDOR.
  • "NOT AUTOMATED" - "REGULAR" - Means all PO's must be scanned and emailed to TIPS for verification. TIPS will then send the approved PO to the TIPS Vendor and will send an approval email back to the purchaser.

5. If a purchasing entity has a system that automatically sends PO's to the vendors, then a CONFIRMATION ONLY PO may be sent to the TIPS Office for recording of the TIPS Sale. PO's that are processed as Confirmation Only, cannot be validated by TIPS as they are received after the transaction has taken place with the vendor. TIPS Member (Purchaser) accepts responsibility for the purchase when a Confirmation Only PO is sent to TIPS.

For further questions contact TIPS Office at 866.839.8477.

Retail Memberships

Bloomfield Hills Schools has business memberships and accounts with the following retailers. Advantages vary and may include additional discounts, delivery options, etc.

Amazon Business

The district has a tax exempt Amazon Business account with free two-day Business Prime shipping district-wide for BHS purchases.

BHS users must login using their business email!

To obtain an Amazon Business account please contact Sally Elmore at or x5462.


The district has a business membership with Costco Warehouse. Costco (in store) only accepts cash and VISA at this time, so you cannot use your Purchasing Card in the store since it is a MasterCard. The district business membership card for in-store shopping can be obtained from the Business Office by contacting Sally Elmore at

Staples Advantage

The district has an account with Staples Advantage. Our users can order online and items ships for FREE directly from the Staples store on located on 11 mile road.

To take advantage of this offering contact Sally Elmore at or x5462.