Risk Management

Property/Casualty Insurance

The district is a member of the Metropolitan Association for Improved School Legislation (MAISL) Joint Risk Management Trust. The Trust is a group self-insurance program that provides our property, casualty, liability, and auto coverages.

MAISL has retained Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc. to administer the self-insurance program for member districts.

If an incident occurs, please complete the appropriate form immediately after the incident and submit to your building principal or program director.  Completed forms should be forwarded to Finance - Kayleen Krahn. Do not submit directly to MAISL/Gallagher Bassett.

Serious losses such as large property damage, serious student injuries, serious vehicle accidents, or notification of lawsuits should be called in to Gallagher Bassett, 24 hours a day, at 248.352.1062 or (800) 428-5428.  Your immediate reporting to a Gallagher Bassett claim representative is critical to containing claim costs. Prompt reporting allows the adjuster to begin the investigation, visit sites, institute emergency repair and hasten the return to normal operation of the district. This should be followed up with a written claim report as soon as possible.

Personal Property Loss - Bloomfield Hills Schools MAISL Insurance does not provide coverage for personal property.  If you have a loss of personal property please refer to your own vehicle or homeowner's insurance policies'.  

Student Insurance

Bloomfield Hills Schools does not provide health or accident insurance coverage for students. Parents and/or their insurance company must pay for any medical bills incurred for injuries sustained at school, school sponsored events, athletic practices or events, or on school property. The District will not pay medical bills that are not covered by your insurance policy. As a service to students and their families, each school year the District makes available a voluntary student accident insurance plan that parents can purchase.  The agent is First Agency, Inc.,  5071 West H Avenue, Kalamazoo, MI  49009-8501.   (269) 381-6630;  First Agency Website

How to enroll:

Enroll and pay online.   Please refer to Student Insurance Information for more details on student insurance.

First Agency Student Insurance Information


For questions...

If you have questions regarding insurance information please contact:

Kayleen Krahn

Insurance Forms

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The link below contains insurance information required for planned student events.

Planned Student Events

Below are various insurance coverage guidelines.