Modifying Your Mass Notifications Contact Info & Preferences

Families: The steps below guide how to update your emergency messaging including calls, emails, texts. "Emergency Alerts" are notifications that are issued in the event of a daytime emergency (example: an early release due to power failure). "After Hours Emergency Alerts" are notifications that are issued in the event of an emergency outside of the school day (example: a snow day notice).

Staff: If you need to change your mass notification contact information or preferences, please email

Step 1) Visit and login

Step 2) Click the button on the page that says “Modify contact info for school closure & other notifications."

Modify contact info image of button

Step 3) Login again using the same credentials as before.

Relogin with same credentials image of screen

Step 4) Look for the link in the top, right corner that says “My Information” and click on it.

click my information image of screen

Step 5) Look for the “Edit” button next to your name and click on it.

edit button image of screen

Step 6) Click on “Mass Notifications” to see what you have previously selected for this area.

Mass notifications screen

Step 7) Use the “Add” button to add contact info, use the “X” button to delete contact info, and enter your contact information in the second column fields. If no data is entered in the yellow fields in the second column, no phones or emails will be contacted in any emergency situation. To enter a phone number, please use the following format: 555-555-5555. Please be sure to enter complete email addresses.

Adding and editing mass notification info screen

Step 8) Click the submit button at the top of the screen when you are done. Your information will be reviewed by someone in Student Services and migrate to our emergency notification system within 24 hours after that. Please allow up to 72 hours for our Student Services team to review information.

Image of screen showing what submit button looks like