Digital Media Services

Digital Media Editing Room at Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County, MI

Digital Media Services is an instructional, corporate video, and working television station wrapped into a comprehensive package of services supporting the BHS educational community.

While supporting the curriculum, DMS leads the way in media technology and training for all of our learners. Through hands-on opportunities, technology rich workspaces, and professionally supported workflows, DMS provides a wide-range of pathways for students and staff to create and deliver rich multimedia content.

Check out our services provided and never hesitate to contact us to discuss your project needs and always feel free to stop by and visit the TV station in the lower level of Model Center.

Facilities - Studio Production

Studio production facilities are located at the BHHS Model Center. Teachers can use the facilities to complement their curriculum. Authorized non-profit associations are welcome to contact DMS staff to see what options might be available for their program.

DMS supports a host of equipment that is available on site for use by classroom instructors. A sound proof booth for audio recording, editing suites and HD cameras are available for approved projects.

Pre-Production Services

Start your project right. DMS helps make sure your project is legal and the right essentials are in place to help make it a success. DMS staff can help secure copyright permission, assist in script writing and make sure all of the elements from graphic design to project management are planned out in advance to help create the best possible product.

Event Coverage

DMS staff is available to cover BHSD event coverage at district area locations for programming on BHS-TV. Programs range from school building events to guest speakers and presenters.

Post Production

Work with DMS staff to add a polish to your classroom project or presentation or have DMS staff create one for you. DMS staff is available to help with professional editing, a copyright cleared music library, and graphics that will set your project apart.

Curriculum Support

DMS services is available to BHSD staff members for recording in their classroom for programming on BHS-TV. Programs range from class curriculum presentations by students, lectures, guest speakers and student directed projects.

Virtual Learning with DMS

At the BHHS Model Center, DMS hosts a lab where instructors can create content for their classrooms. DMS staff can assist with lecture capture software and multimedia products that enable instructors to create customized materials for their students.

Media Distribution

As part of the Bloomfield Hills School district, DMS supports the BHS-TV cable station. BHS-TV has an educational access channel on Comcast Cable that programming directly into our community homes. BHS-TV also streams programming live and has 24-7 Video-On-Demand (VOD) programming access available at BHS-TV webpage.

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Coordinator - Digital
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