Employment Information

All applicants must complete an online application. Paper applications are no longer accepted. Please do not mail or bring copies of your application, resume, transcripts, recommendation letters, or additional support documents to the District unless requested. Due to space limitations, unsolicited documents are discarded. Computers are available in all public libraries for those who do not have computer or Internet access. If you have other technical questions, please contact us at 248.341.HELP between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday, or email us at

Completing an Online Application

After accessing the District's online application, you will be asked to create an account that will require a user name and password. Once an account has been created, you will be assigned an application number, which you should note for future reference.

You do not need to complete your entire application at once; however, you must at least create an account for your online application to be saved in our database. Each time you complete a section of the application, you will need to click on the "Save" button for that section of the application. You will not be considered for employment unless your application is complete.

If you do not complete your entire application in one sitting, you will need to return to this website, click on "Employment," click on "Apply Now and log in with your user name and password. You may then click on any section to update/edit your application.

Updating and Editing

It is important for your application to be up-to-date at all times. Please be sure that we always have your correct mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number(s). Equally important are name changes, additional degrees, new employers, etc.

Editing an application requires you to access our website, click on "Employment" then "Apply Now" and log in with your user name and password.

E-Mail Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Making sure that your e-mail address and/or telephone number is current is essential. There may be a time when a position needs to be filled quickly and we may want to contact you to determine your availability and interest in the position.

Additionally, it is the goal of the Human Resources Department to advise applicants who have been interviewed when positions have been filled. E-mail will be our primary mode for communication due to the large number of applicants. Applicants may view the position status of a job at any time.

Application Expiration

We will maintain your application for three calendar years. If you do not edit your application or add a Job Code to the application for three years, your application will be deleted from our database. Each time you edit your application or add a new Job Code, the three-year period begins anew. If your application has been deleted from our database at the end of three years, you will need to complete a new application to be considered for employment.

If you no longer wish to be considered for employment with our district, please let us know to delete your online application from our database.

When to Apply for a Position

We encourage all interested persons to complete an application as soon as possible. If you monitor our Job Openings page and have a completed online application, you can quickly add a Job Code to your application when you see a position for which you are qualified and for which you wish to be considered.

Some individuals may not wish to take the time to complete an application until a position of interest appears on our Job Openings page. The benefit to completing an application now is that there are times when filling a position immediately is critical and there may not be time to advertise the position. In these circumstances, your application will already be available for us to review.

Applying for Advertised Positions

All open positions are posted on this website. To express your interest in one of the listed positions, open your completed online application and click on the appropriate Open Jobs listing on this website. Once you have located a job in which you are interested, click on the "Apply for Job" link, and the job will automatically be added to your application. This is the only way we will know you are interested in a certain position. You may apply for additional Job Codes any time you wish. Please do not complete a new application when you apply for additional positions.


When an individual applies for a teaching position, he/she will be required to complete a Polaris teacher screener. We value the information we receive from the Polaris results. The screener need only be completed one time for Bloomfield Hills Schools, regardless of the number of jobs for which an individual applies. One hour is allocated for the screener; however, most applicants complete the process within thirty (30) minutes. Please contact the Help Desk at 248.341.HELP if you have any technical questions.


Administrative applications are accepted only if a position is posted.

Supporting Documents

In order to provide staff with additional information about your qualifications, teachers and administrators are encouraged to upload scanned copies of requested information by accessing your application and clicking on "Upload Documents." Please do not mail supporting information to our office unless requested.

It is to your advantage to upload your documents directly into your online application so that staff may view your entire applicant file. If you do not have access to a scanner, please visit the public library or a local copier business to arrange for use of their scanner. We ask that you limit your uploaded documents to a maximum of fifteen (15) pages.

Support Staff

If you have completed an online application and you want to apply for a posted position, open your application and click on the appropriate Open Jobs listing on this website. Once you have located a job in which you are interested, click on the "Apply for Job" link, and the job will automatically be added to your application. Resumes and letters of recommendation (2-3) are encouraged and should be uploaded directly to your online application.

Checking the Status of a Posted Job

If you applied for a posted position, you can monitor the Job Openings on this website for information. If the position is no longer listed, it either means that we are no longer accepting applications for the job, the position has been filled, or the District has decided not to fill the position.

If the District is recruiting substitute teachers, the substitute teacher position will be the first job listed in the Instructional Positions job category located within the open positions.

You must enter the Job Code for substitute teacher in your online application. This is the only way we will know that you wish to be considered for a substitute teacher position.

Substitute Custodian Positions Available

This position has a primary function directed toward the cleaning and maintenance of District sites and facilities, and the servicing of required special events scheduled for the assigned building. These cleaning and maintenance services are provided through the direction given by the Coordinators, Building Group Leaders and Head Night Custodian.

  1. Responsible for the maintenance of daily housekeeping, sanitary conditions and security of the building during the shift hours.
  2. Responsible for sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, stripping and waxing floors.
  3. Responsible for the maintenance of sanitary conditions in all areas of the assigned building.
  4. Shall assume assignments in the general maintenance and repair of the building as required.
  5. Responsible for the preparations required for special events and completion of tasks outside the normal custodial assignments.
  6. Follows directions concerning emergency assignments and completes regular assignments, as required.
  7. Other duties as assigned.

$11.00/ hour

Bloomfield Hills Contact:
Bruce Coltman
Phone: 284.341.5480
GRBS Contact:
Phone: 800.441.4463
Complete GRBS application (includes Live Scan fingerprinting)
Must complete:
A. Pre-employment Physical
B. Drug Screen
C. Blood Alcohol Screen