Facilities Team

Brian Goby
Director of Physical Plant Services

Melani Welch

PROJECT GATEWAY: Transitions to New Learning

Brian Goby, Director of Physical Plant Services, earned the Meridian Award from the Michigan School Business Officials for his PROJECT GATEWAY: Transitions to New Learning!

"In order to facilitate the transition of middle school students experiencing a traditional classroom setting to a more open, collaborative setting, Brian Goby worked with administrative staff and building leadership to develop the concept and build transition areas in the middle school. These transition areas, called GATEWAYS, mimic some of the new areas being built into the new high school," said Superintendent Dr. Rob Glass, "This innovative concept will result in increased learning."

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit

Water Testing

Bloomfield Hills Schools participates in the School Drinking Water Quality Reimbursement Program, which is a program jointly administered by the Michigan Department of Education and Department of Environmental Quality. This program provides school funding costs associated with the mitigation of potential lead exposure from drinking water, fixture replacement, filter purchases, plumbing assessments, or technical assistance incurred between July 2, 2017 and September 30, 2017.

The School Drinking Water Quality Reimbursement Program requires schools submit proof of public notification of the number of fixtures providing water for drinking or food preparation, testing results, number of fixtures replaced, and other corrective action plans prior to reimbursement.

Physical Plant Services regularly tests the water in student-occupied buildings to ensure safe drinking water for all building occupants. In August 2017, all water testing came back "normal" with no action required or cause for concern.

Water Testing Reports:

Bloomfield Hills High School
Bloomfield Hills Middle School
Bloomin' Preschool Fox Hills
Booth Doyle Center
Bowers Academy
Conant Elementary School
East Hills Middle School
Eastover Elementary
E.L. Johnson Nature Center
International Academy
Lahser Building
Lone Pine Elementary School
Way Elementary School
West Hills Middle School
Wing Lake Developmental Center