Registration Agreements

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


I accept and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions regarding the use of the Bloomfield Hills Schools technology and network. Further, I understand and agree that:

  • Access to District technology is a privilege and that responsible use is expected. I accept that inappropriate behavior may lead to consequences including disciplinary action, revocation of my account, or responsibility to make financial restitution to the district.
  • Technology use at Bloomfield Hills Schools is for educational purposes only. These include, but are not limited to, classroom activities, research activities, publishing of projects, and the exchange of class-related ideas, opinions, and questions via email, message boards and other District sanctioned means. Online games, social networking, chat rooms, and personal (non-school related) email do not meet the definition of educational use and are prohibited.
  • Materials I create and/or store on the system are not private. If warranted, school personnel may access and review all network materials and student accounts.
  • The District retains the sole right to determine content and configuration of district equipment. Destruction or alteration of school technology, including hardware, software, or data, is prohibited.
  • Downloading, installation, or use of software or files from outside sources requires permission from an authorized staff member.
  • Use of personal hardware, disks, DCs or DVDs on district equipment must be approved by an authorized staff member.
  • Passwords are not to be shared; user accounts must not be shared or left open. If I share my password or leave my account open, and it is used by someone else, even without my permission, I will be held responsible for their actions as if they were my own.
  • Private, commercial, offensive or illegal use of district technology is not permitted.
  • Violation of copyright law is prohibited.
  • Use of district technology is contingent upon return of this signed form.

To view the formal EUP Board of Education Policy (Policy 6710), please view Board of Education District Policy Manual and Administrative Regulations.

Device Permission: One to World


Prior to a student being allowed to take their iPad from school, the parent /guardian must have read and completed the following sections of the 1-to-World Project Family Packet:

  1. Review Parent/Guardian, Student, and District Expectations & Responsibilities.
  2. Review the Financial Responsibilities for Parents / Guardians.

I acknowledge receipt of and agreement to abide by the terms of the 1:World Project Expectations & Responsibilities. Parents/guardians will assume any financial responsibility for damages outlined herein, and, as outlined in the Lending Agreement/Permission Form for 1:World Project. I understand that by doing so, I am responsible for monitoring its use, monitoring safe internet usage at home, as discussed in the Bloomfield Hills Schools 1:World Project Agreements and in the Acceptable Use policies.

Google Apps for Education Permission


I confirm that I have read and understand the following:

Under FERPA and corresponding Michigan law, a student's education records are protected from disclosure to third parties. With regards to COPPA, I understand that my student's digital work (projects, documents, email, files, username and password) stored in Google Apps for Education may be accessible to persons acting on behalf of Google, with Bloomfield Hills School’s permission, to facilitate the working operation of this online environment. This does not include any student demographic or grade information stored in our MiStar Student Information system. I also understand that my student’s use of Google Apps for Education is governed by the Bloomfield Hills Student Acceptable Use of Technology agreement.

My acknowledgment confirms my consent to allow my student's digital work (projects, documents, email, files, username and password) to be stored on Google Servers, but with full control of the data by Bloomfield Hills Schools. I understand that I may ask for my child's account to be removed at any time.

Middle School Families

This project is a direct result of the expressed challenges and needs from our students, teachers, and parents/guardians. Over the last 5-years we’ve been engaged in an analysis of these needs as a part of our strategic plan. The outcome of this work has identified three areas of opportunity surrounding technology access, common tools, and training & support for all of our learners.

Three critical gaps include:

  • Access to devices and web tools (students and staff)
  • Extend access to tools and resources beyond the school day (students, parents/guardians, and staff)
  • Support systems (personnel, software, workflows, access, etc.) to develop needed skills and technical proficiency

To close these gaps the district implemented a number of solutions that create an environment that supports:

  • Personalized learning opportunities focused on creativity, communication, collaboration, critical analysis, and digital citizenship.
  • Modern technology tools and experiences necessary for future growth and opportunities.
  • A working partnership with all of our learners (students, teachers, parents/guardians) to understand, model, and live the attitudes necessary to be successful digital citizens within technology rich environments.

The solutions include:

  • iPad Air devices for students
  • Chromebook devices for students
  • Google Apps for each student
  • Student training and support
  • Staff training and support
  • Family training and support

The intent of this project is to develop a robust system that closes these gaps and engages all of our learners in a purposeful way. For students, this means a Chromebook or an iPad will travel home with them to extend learning opportunities by providing the tools and resources they use during the day. For teachers, this means developing and managing engaging learning experiences that leverage the digital tools and devices. For parents, it means new opportunities to learn and support their children in developing important digital skills.

We understand you may have questions and concerns surrounding the how and why. It is important for you to know this project is dependent on your dialogue with your children, teachers, and principals as we navigate the challenges and opportunities together. The dialogue begins with this document which outlines the purpose, expectations, and support required to make this project an enriching experience for all of us.

1:World Project Overview

The following information packet provides you with the expectations and requirements to begin participation in the program. In addition to this initial packet, the district has provided the iPad Student Handbook, Google Apps for Education Overview, FAQ’s, and Privacy information available to you on the website here.[hardcopy available by request from your school’s main office].

Please review the document with your family on the exciting opportunity to take advantage of new pathways of extending the classroom and personalizing learning.

Checklist to Participate

As a parent/guardian you will need to complete six items in the Family Packet. This packet is also available in Arabic: نموذج خاص بطلاب الصف الخامس حسابات جوجل

  1. Review Parent/Guardian, Student, and District Expectations & Responsibilities [pg. 2-6]
  2. Review the Financial Responsibilities for Parents. [pg. 7-8]
  3. Parent/Guardian and Student review and discuss the Device Lending Agreement. [pg. 8]
  4. Parent Review the Google Apps for Education Agreement. [pg. 9]
  5. Parent/Guardian/Student must create an Apple ID (7th Grade Only). [pg. 6]
  6. Acknowledge acceptance of the Device Lending Agreement and the Google Apps for Education Agreement during Online Registration.

Google Apps for Education

Purpose of Students Using iPads & Google Apps for Education

  • Provide the devices and access to a unified toolset beyond the school day.
  • Provide students with access to digital content, research, and resources beyond the school day.
  • Prepare students to be responsible and ethical creators and consumers of digital content.
  • Prepare students to be effective creators, communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers as a digital citizen.
  • Facilitate students to be active stakeholders in their education.

Students will receive (depending on grade level):

  • iPad Air - 16GB with WiFi (grades 6-7)
    • Protective Case
    • Charger (brick)
    • Charging/Sync Cable
  • Chromebook (grade 8)
    • Protective Case
    • Charger (brick/cord)


Google Apps for Education Accounts


The use of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in the classroom provides tools for students to create, collaborate, communicate, and develop the necessary critical thinking and technology skills to be successful in our world today. The access to these tools is entirely online and can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connected computing device or in an “off-line” mode if WiFi access is not available.

All students K-12 will have a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account. One of the apps in this suite of tools includes Gmail. Students and teachers will have the opportunity to use email as part of their communication with each other.

When we talk about email we understand there may be concerns about privacy and security. Some important points of information:

K-5 Students

All students K-5 can only email students and staff inside Bloomfield Hills domain ( In other words, the students can only email other email addresses that end in ""

  • This tool is not intended for communication between teacher and parents or for parents to communicate with their children.
  • Parents/Guardians will have access to their students' accounts with username and password access (provided by your student's teacher). This is to provide parental involvement to work with the student in the proper use of electronic communication, electronic workflows, and digital citizenship.
  • Teachers may use email with their students when they believe it is appropriate for supporting the learning outcomes of their students.

6-8 Students

All students 6-8 will have email accounts in which they can email teachers, students, and parents. Important to note that 6-8 students can send and receive email from outside the domain.

  • Parents/Guardians will have access to their students' accounts with username and password access (provided by your student's teacher). This is to provide parental involvement to work with the student in the proper use of electronic communication, electronic workflows, and digital citizenship.
  • Teachers may use email with their students when they believe it is appropriate for supporting the learning outcomes of their students.

9-12 Students

All students 9-12 will have email accounts in which they can email teachers, students, and parents. Important to note that 9-12 students can send and receive email from outside the domain.

  • Parents/Guardians can have access to their students' accounts with username and password access through contact with your student's counselor or principal.
  • Teachers may use email with their students when they believe it is appropriate for supporting the learning outcomes of their students.

G-Suite (Google Apps for Education)

Students will be able to use a suite of tools that includes:

  • Cloud Storage (unlimited storage capacity)
  • Docs (word processing)
  • Slides (presentation tool like PowerPoint)
  • Sheets (spreadsheet)
  • Forms (survey, assessment, data collection)
  • Drawing
  • Sites (website creation/digital portfolio)
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • And full integration of other Google tools for research such as Google Maps, Google Research, and Translate

Digital Citizenship

  • Teachers and students will explore digital citizenship through nationally recognized frameworks that include:
    • Internet Safety, Privacy & Security
    • Relationships & Communication
    • Cyberbullying
    • Digital Footprint & Reputation
    • Self Image & Identity
    • Information Literacy
    • Creative Credit & Copyright
    • Digital Health & Wellness
    • Media Literacy
  • The District has a Google Apps For Education Agreement ( that differs from private or business accounts. This account and agreement provides additional tools, security, and privacy for our staff and students. (
  • BHS has implemented the Google Apps for Education agreement with standards and best practices that meet or exceed Federal, State, and Board of Education laws, regulations, and policies. Please visit the One to World webpage for further information.

1:World Project Expectations & Responsibilities

It is essential that all of our learners understand and follow the guidelines posted to ensure safe and responsible use of the devices and tools in the 1:World Project.


  • Will provide necessary apps for learning use. Parents/guardians and students will not be responsible for paying for apps used for the classroom.
  • All iPads will be filtered (anywhere in the world) in compliance with the federal CIPA regulations for digital material that is (a) obscene; (b) child pornography; or (c) harmful to minors.
  • Lost or stolen Devices (iPad/Chromebook) will be immediately “Bricked.” This is a “kill” switch that disables the Device from further use or resale value. Only Apple & Googe can “unbrick” one of our devices with the proper account numbers and serial numbers assigned directly to the district.
  • If an iPad/Chromebook is damaged or lost, the district will provide a loaner device that cannot be taken off premises until the Device is repaired or replaced.


  • Agree to use the devices and tools in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner that meets the Student Code of Conduct and the Lending Agreement/Permission guidelines.
  • Agree to never leave their Device unattended.
  • Agree that they are responsible for the care of their Device.
  • Agree to never loan their Device to other people.
  • Agree to protect their Device from food, drink, water, and situations that increase the risk of damage or loss.
  • Must keep their Device in their cases unless instructed by their teacher.
  • Are expected to have their Device fully charged and ready for each school day.
  • Agree to leave their charger/charging sync cable at home unless your teacher requests otherwise.
  • Agree to notify their teacher of any malfunction, damage, or loss of their Device.
  • Agree to not share their ID’s, passwords, or other security information to anyone except their parents and teachers.
  • Agree to not use their district email accounts to open other accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) without the direction of their teacher.
  • Agree to only record video and take photos of approved content.
  • Are expected to use their Device in creative and collaborative ways that expresses their critical thinking.
  • Agree to download books, digital curriculum, apps, and digital content as required by their teacher(s).
  • Agree to use the devices and tools to create an environment (physical or cyber) that promotes a caring and inclusive participation of others.
  • Agree to use the devices and tools to transform and personalize their learning.
  • Agree to set an example of digital citizenship for themselves, their peers, and their family.
  • Agree to share their technology knowledge and skills with their peers and teachers when appropriate.
  • Agree to tell an adult if they witness inappropriate content or behavior with the devices and tools.
  • Agree to help their family set limits of their use of devices and screen time as appropriate to their learning.
  • Agree to balance their technology use and screen time with physical activity and people in their life.


  • Parents/guardians and students need to review, discuss, and agree to the Lending Agreement/Permission/and AUP forms for enrollment in the project during Online Registration..
  • Supervise, support, and engage your children in their purposeful use of the iPad at home.
  • Agree to talk to their children about their interests, approach, and use of the devices and tools.
  • Explore with your children the capabilities and opportunities the device and tools can provide for a personal learning experience.
  • Discuss the expectations regarding device use, online safety, and the appropriate use of the internet, email, apps, and photos.
  • Ensure that your children understand their responsibilities for use, both at home and at school.
  • Agree to manage Apple ID’s as it pertains to access, usage, and security.
  • Agree that the device, case, charger, and charging/syncing cable will be returned to school in working condition when scheduled or requested.
  • Agree to be responsible for the repair or replacement of the device, case, charger, and charging/sync cord as outlined in the Lending Agreement/Permission forms.
  • Will have access to their children’s iPad/Chromebook and Google accounts for the purpose of supporting their learning.
  • Agree to recognize that media and technology is a significant part of their children’s lives and a critical component of their learning.
  • Agree to talk with their children, teachers, and principal about issues or concerns in an effort to improve this experience for the student.

Apple ID (7th Grade Only)


(PLEASE NOTE: Apple ID’s are not required for Sixth or Eighth Grade)

All 7th grade students will be required to have an Apple ID. The Apple ID is required to download apps, books, etc. for school/instructional purposes. Families will not be required to purchase apps - only download, as the district will purchase and manage instructionally required apps. In addition to downloading apps for school use, having an Apple ID allows the student to personalize and explore apps and resources they find interesting (provided the apps/content meet the iPad Restriction List). However, this personalization needs to be a family choice around balancing device usage with other activities.

There are two options for families to choose:

  1. Use current Apple ID - if you have a family ID or your student has one, keep it the same (if desired). No changes necessary as the student will just log-in to their iPad account with their current Apple ID.
  2. Create a new Apple ID without a Credit Card - information to create is available on the Apple Support Website

*NOTE: Bloomfield Hills Schools can neither access nor manage Apple ID’s.

Support & Resources


This packet, and all additional information is available on the website here.

Lending Agreement/Permission for 1:World Project Participation


The school district purchases and owns the devices/accessories and distributes them to students for educational use during the school year. As long as the student follows the expectations of the program, they will be allowed to take home the device(s)/accessories.

This permission form is an agreement that Families have reviewed the documented materials outlining the Expectations and Financial Responsibilities to participate in the program.

Cost of Devices and Accessories

Families are responsible for the care of the devices during and after school hours. Damage and lost can occur at anytime and Families are responsible for repair and replacement of the devices and accessories regardless of when the damage or loss occurred. The following outlines the Parent/Guardian financial responsibility for the device(s)/accessories.

Damage /Loss

  • All damaged and loss will be reported to your teacher or the Media Center.
  • The Parent/Guardian is responsible to pay this fee to Bloomfield Hills Schools.
  • The district will provide a loaner device that cannot be taken off premises until the fee and device(s) is repaired or replaced.
  • The District reserves the right to suspend use of the device(s)/accessories if the damage is deemed (by District) egregious in nature.
  • The Parent/Guardian/Student may NOT seek repair or service of the device(s) outside of this agreement.
  • The District is self-insuring these device(s)/accessories and the repair/replacement fees offset these costs.



First Incident



Second Incident



Third Incident


Additional Incidents @ $125 per



Per incident





All incidents

Charger(Brick)/Power Supply


All incidents

Charging/Sync Cable


All incidents

Acknowledgement/Granting of Permission

Families will review this information with their students to understand both the behavioral and financial responsibilities. Parents/Guardians will acknowledge and grant permission through the online registration process for your school.