Elementary Report Card

This year our elementary schools are ushering in a new report card that aligns itself with the Common Core State Standards. The most notable changes in the standards include:

  • Some standards have shifted in grade level, moving from one grade to another
  • A focus on depth of knowledge over breadth of knowledge
  • Critical thinking is emphasized
  • Skill building around analysis and application
  • The language within the standards may represent more challenging content or skills
  • A focus on nonfiction (informational text) reading

The report cards are individualized to reflect grade-specific skill/content areas, all grades (K-5) will share a similarly formatted report card. In elementary school, our "measuring tool" must reflect the developmental stages of our young population. It is important for you to know if your child is within grade-level expectations (W) or in need of more practice (N) before a sufficient level of understanding is demonstrated. Therefore, our coding system is coded with a W or an N to reflect the above-stated qualities. Because every grade-level standard is included in the report card, cells marked with a (dash) "-" indicate that a standard has not yet been addressed. These standards will be taught and assessed during semester two. The new report card was designed to reflect Bloomfield Hills Schools' longstanding focus on the whole child, nourishing their academic, social and emotional growth.

Finally, the report card provides an extensive, if not exhaustive, compilation of data points for you to sift through. It encapsulates an impressive amount of learning your child experiences, and perhaps illuminates the challenging role of a classroom teacher. Seeing an N, indicating a student needs more practice, should not be a major concern. It is a wonderful opportunity for partnering with our school by spending focused time at home on that particular standard.

If you have individual questions about the report card and how it relates to your child, please contact your child's classroom teacher.