Elementary Report Card

This year our elementary schools are ushering in an improved report card format that continues to align itself with the Michigan Academic and Common Core State Standards as well as our BHS Portrait of a Learner. The most notable changes include:

  • Reporting language that better aligns with the language used during classroom instruction.
  • An emphasis on the process and strategies learners use to develop both cognitive flexibility and critical thinking.
  • Skill-building around analysis and application in a way that supports depth over breadth.
  • Alignment with our BHS Portrait of a Learner and the lifelong skills and dispositions learners need to experience continued success.  

Our report card continues to reflect Bloomfield Hills Schools' long-standing focus on the whole child, nourishing their academic, social and emotional growth.

Finally, report cards provide families with a communication tool that reflects and fosters each student’s learning progress. It is a set of data points that illustrates a snapshot of your child’s learning at this point in time. Our goal is to communicate the progress your child is making and provide opportunities for reflection and goal setting. Our students are engaged in an impressive amount of learning! We appreciate your partnership, as the home/school connection is one of the most significant contributors to success. If you have questions about the report card and how it relates to your child, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

Elementary Report Card