Maximizing Academic Potential (MAP)

Elementary School Students Smiling at Bloomfield Hills Schools

Mission Statement

To maximize the academic potential of all students by providing challenging and meaningful learning opportunities.


Bloomfield Hills Schools provides advanced learners with differentiated curricular and co-curricular instruction that is commensurate with their unique abilities. Well-trained teachers guide students in an environment that is academically and intellectually stimulating, fosters creativity, and provides emotional support.

Our Commitment

We are committed to meeting the needs of all students, including those who require advanced learning opportunities. Our administration and staff members have been assessing and discussing a process by which we can identify and meet the needs of the academically talented students.

Bloomfield Hills middle school students at computers.We believe that every child has a unique profile of abilities and is entitled to an education that maximizes their potential. We challenge our students to better themselves in our flexible, small classrooms, and auxiliary learning environments. Our high achievers, advanced learners, and academically gifted students benefit from our goal to provide opportunities for them to reach their potential.

Bloomfield Hills Schools has an open-door communication philosophy. Families are welcome and encouraged to discuss their child's progress. If teachers and families determine that the traditional options are not sufficient, BHS offers a multitude of options for accelerated learners (see Programs and Options).

Fill out a MAP - Getting to Know Your Child Questionnaire to submit to your child's teacher(s)