Academic Support Services

Elementary School Student and Teacher in Oakland County, MI

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short-term early literacy intervention designed for first grade children having extreme difficulty learning to read and write. Children meet individually with a highly skilled certified teacher for 30 minutes daily. The intensive instruction ranges from 12-20 weeks. Most children served by Reading Recover make accelerated progress and meet grade level expectations in reading and writing. They develop effective reading and writing strategies that enable them to continue learning independently in the classroom. Reading Recovery also serves as a pre-referral program for a small number of children who may need specialized longer-term help. (from Reading Recovery in Michigan and Oakland University Executive Summary)

Read at Home Plan for Student Success

Being a good reader is critical for success in school and life. At BHS, we have a deep commitment to empowering students by developing strong reading skills in every child. To this end, in 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed the “Third-Grade Reading Law” (Public Act 306) to ensure that students exiting third grade are reading at or above grade level (as measured by the state assessment) and BHS has adopted the Read at Home Plan for Student Success.

Maximizing Academic Potential (MAP)

Bloomfield Hills Schools MAP program provides advanced learners with differentiated curricular and co-curricular instruction that is commensurate with their unique abilities. Well-trained teachers guide students in an environment that is academically and intellectually stimulating, fosters creativity, and provides emotional support.

General Education Resource Teachers (GERT)

The district employs general education resource teachers in each of our seven elementary and middle schools. This highly qualified staff works with individual or small groups of students needing assistance with the general education curriculum. The GERT staff is part of the Building Instructional Team, which meets regularly to identify, plan and assist students to optimize their learning.

Program of Assistance for General Education Students (PAGES)

Similar to GERT in the elementary and middle schools, PAGES offers high school students a structured time and place for additional support with general education classes. Students elect to take an hour of PAGES with a highly qualified teacher to help with academic courses.


Numeracy is an elective class intended to be taken in tandem with Algebra I. Support to the Algebra I curriculum, pre-teaching of algebraic concepts, organizational skills, and test taking skills help to increase students' self-confidence and establish solid foundational strategies in the area of mathematics.


Literacy workshop is an elective class intended to be taken in addition to the required 9th grade writing and literature class. Supporting student understanding of the required 9th grade English content expectations, additional practice/exposure to reading and writing strategies, and organizational and test-taking skills with help ensure success in all academic content areas.

English Language Development

Support for English Language Development is available in all of our schools. For students with zero level English speaking skills the district offers Newcomers' Programs at Lone Pine Elementary and West Hills Middle School. Students who are limited English speakers receive support from ELD staff through individual or small group instruction or by selecting a course designed for multilingual learners.

Special Education

Special Education offers specifically designed instruction to identified students with an IEP at no cost to parents. Programs and services include classroom instruction, consultation, auxiliary support, adaptive supplies and materials designed to meet the identified educational goals of special education students.

Special education services are available at all of the District's schools. Students who require more support than is available at their neighborhood school may be eligible to attend programs at designated District schools or at a County-wide center program.

Title I

Title I is a federally funded program designed to improve educational opportunities for all students. Title I funds provide for students at Eastover and East Hills Middle School to participate in after-school instruction. Participation in the Title I program is determined by the results of specific classroom testing and teacher recommendation.

Goals of Title I Services:

  • To develop positive attitudes towards academic content areas;
  • To deliver academic instruction according to the STUDENT'S needs;
  • To increase academic achievement;
  • To support the classroom instructional program;
  • To involve students' in independent learning reading and writing at school and at home (through scaffolding) and
  • To encourage and assist parents in supporting their children's development.