Sustainability Education

Eastover Elementary School Sustainability in MichiganAt Eastover Elementary, students are taught to think about how humans impact the environment, how to preserve and protect our natural resources, how to ensure adequate resources for a clean and healthy environment, and how to increase efficiency by reducing waste. Students are knowledgeable about and inspired to take responsibility for the sustainability of the world.

Students Learning about Sustainability at Elementary School in Michigan

Eastover Elementary has been designated as a Michigan Green School and has earned Evergreen status, which is the highest designation possible. At Eastover, students participate in the following "green" practices…

  • Extensive recycling program (paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, batteries, printer cartridges, etc.)
  • Composting
  • Waste Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Use and study of alternative energy sources
  • Partnership with Lawrence Tech University
  • Local and national contests/grants for "green" ingenuity, creativity, and environmental problem solving
  • Adopting endangered species
  • Learn from guest speakers, LTU mentors, community members about being green and green careers
  • Extensive Gardens, Courtyards, and Outdoor Classrooms

As part of our Sustainability Initiative, students and faculty from Lawrence Technological university visit Eastover on a regular basis to help students with special projects that pertain to Sustainability, engineering, architecture, and design. Eastover students have worked with partners from LTU on creating solar ovens, designing bird houses, creating future vehicles, and much more!

Another special component of our Sustainability initiative is our student garden. All classrooms spend time in the garden planting and harvesting, while making real-world connections to math, science, and social studies concepts. Students also learn about the environmental and health benefits to eating locally grown fresh produce. Eastover is the only Bloomfield Hills school with a mobile demonstration kitchen to provide opportunities for students to cook in the classroom using ingredients from their very own student garden!

How do VT and Sustainability provide my child with life skills?

Our combined initiatives provide students with a foundation in problem solving, critical thinking, considering alternate viewpoints/perspectives, observation skills, reasoning with evidence, making connections, forming conclusions, generating thoughtful questions, and creativity and uncovering complexities. Learning about a sustainable future and using visible thinking strategies will help students to become more innovative, reflective and perceptive, which will serve them well in the future.

How will my student transition to an IB middle school?

Visible Thinking & Sustainability align directly with many key components of the IB philosophy. At Eastover and East Hills, the school-wide initiatives promote a global perspective, are inquiry-based, encourage a collaborative culture, and empower / motivate students so that they are invested both in their learning and in their future.

Besides Eastover, where else is VT and Sustainability being implemented?

More schools and communities are realizing value in classroom sustainability. Out of more than 500 Oakland County schools, Eastover is proud to be one of 92 with Evergreen Status, the highest ranking in the Green Schools program. Visible Thinking is a global phenomena, found on six continents.