Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking is not a program; rather, it is a framework and philosophy for our teachers and staff to use when creating inquiry-based learning opportunities that engage students in higher-level thinking skills.

Visible Thinking:

Student With Lightbulb - Visible Thinking at Michigan's Bloomfield Hills Schools
  • Focuses on the individual student as well as the collective thinking and collaboration of the entire class.
  • Allows for natural differentiation by following students' interests throughout units of study.
  • Concentrates on teaching for understanding, rather than for the sake of memorizing and repeating, so that knowledge can be applied to scenarios outside of the classroom.
  • Requires active participation by all students and invites our learners' curiosities to help drive instruction.
  • Provides teachers with a tangible view of students' thinking. Misconceptions, prior knowledge, reasoning ability, and degrees of understanding are more likely to be uncovered.


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