Special Education

Regardless of the nature or severity of a child's disability, our exceptionally-trained staff is dedicated to addressing a wide range of needs. Bloomfield Hills Schools' Special Education programs operates in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.

The BHS special education program assists children with a variety of social, emotional and learning impairments. Children are assimilated into traditional classrooms as much as possible dependent upon their individual needs.

A number of special education programs at each building assist children in challenging areas, provide academic skills training, and help with learning difficulties.

For more information view the Special Education Handbook for Families.

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Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee
Bloomfield Hills Schools Representatives
PAC Representatives:

Angela Grondz

Heather Rosenberg



Parent Advisory Committee Mission Statement: To ensure a full continuum of services and options to all special education students that maintains excellence and equity and that is ever respectful in providing for the unique needs of each child.

The Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) represents each Local Educating Agency (LEA)/Public School Academy (PSA) within Oakland County.

Family representatives are appointed by the LEA/PSA and Oakland County School Boards. They have a child/children with a disability(ies). They attend monthly meetings during the school year held at Oakland Schools Intermediate School District. As PAC members they: attend and participate at scheduled meetings; share information and ideas with the LEA/PSA members and others; cooperate in the development and review of the Oakland County Special Education Plan; provide families opportunities to be informed of special education processes; mentor new PAC members; encourage effective partnerships between families and schools; and disseminate information about the PAC group and current issues in special education.

Project Find / Child Find

What is Project Find?

The early years are important in a child's development; therefore, specific attention is given to this age group for whom school attendance is not mandatory. Impairments, whether mild or severe, interfere with the learning process of a child, so early intervention is critical.

Project Find is a program of active outreach by the Michigan Department of Education and local school districts. Within Bloomfield Hills Schools, Project Find specifically refers to the identification and service for youngsters birth through age six. The primary purpose is to identify young children with disabilities that make learning difficult and to find appropriate special education services to aid in the child's development.

Programs are mandated by IDEA (federal law) and Michigan rules for persons who are affected by one or more learning impairments including hearing, vision, speech, mental, physical, and emotional.

Here are some of our Project Find services available to families:

  • Referrals to and consultation with community agencies, preschools, and day care centers.
  • Screenings and diagnostic assessments in the area of speech and language, self-help, social/emotional, learning, and physical development.
  • Information to families about child development consultation, family groups, and information resources.

For more information, please contact our District Project Find Coordinator Colleen Kalanquin at or 248.341.7962.

Child Find

Child Find is a component of Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) that requires states to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities who are in need of early intervention or special education services. To receive Early Intervention Programming or Special Education, children must meet eligibility guidelines according to the IDEA. If you suspect your child has a disability affecting his or her school performance, please notify your child's teacher, counselor, principal, or Jennifer Perrone, Director of Special Education at or 248.341.5415.

Free Ages and Stages Developmental Screening

Oakland Schools offers a free Ages and Stages Developmental Screening where families can access developmental information, services, and resources for children four-months through five-years (60- months) of age.

For a free screening, go to

To learn more, contact Dr. Dawn Koger at or 248.209.2266.


Bloomfield Hills Association for Special Education (BHASE)

Whether you are new to Bloomfield Hills Schools, or have been here for many years, and your family uses special education services, your journey can be overwhelming. You're invited to take the opportunity to connect with other families who have similar needs and interests at a BHASE lunch meeting and/or at other venues related to special needs in the community. Please see the schedule located on the Special Education home page - UPCOMING EVENTS.

"Be informed…stay informed…stay connected!"
families have found it helpful to sign up for the Special Education Email Newsletter to keep up on timely meeting invites and other emails of interest. This is the quickest way to get in the loop with family-t-family communications, notices from the special education office, training's or happenings in our community or in other school districts related to special education.


Pam Schoemer
Director of Special Education

Items of interest:

  • Disability Awareness Workshops are held at each elementary school, designed to help fourth-grade students get a taste of what life is like when a family or individual is affected by disability. Sponsored by Bloomfield Hills and presented by family volunteers, these workshops take students through a variety of stations that simulate different disabilities. Contact your PTO for more information.
  • Bloomfield Hills Schools sends two representatives to the Oakland Schools Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Members of the PAC participate in developing the county's plan for the delivery of special education programs and services. PAC members also receive information about special education issues around the county and state. That information is shared at the BHASE lunch meetings held at the Doyle Center. PAC representatives are appointed by their local Board of Education and serve a three-year term. For more information on PAC, click here.


Our District Transition Coordinator is - 248.341.5715.

The link below will take you to Lisa's Transition BLOG.
She has great information for families.

Special Education Design Committee

The following committee met on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, from 3-5 p.m. to review and select applicants for the Special Education Design Committee:

  • Rebecca Anders, Special Education Supervisor
  • Carolines Fines, Special Education Teacher
  • Beth Mueller, Special Education Teacher
  • Heather Rosenberg, Parent, PAC Representative
  • Angela Grondz, Parent, PAC Representative
  • Michelle Harmala - not a “selecting” member
  • The committee sorted applicants by position (teacher, ancillary, parent, etc.) and buildings, grade level and type of position within the district. The committee took time to review each application.
  • Michelle Harmala discussed with the team the characteristics and make-up of typical workgroups and the importance of making sure all groups are represented.
  • The committee reviewed the “map” for gaps (ex. Representation from each level; elementary, middle school, secondary). Individuals were selected with both historical knowledge of BHS and those new to the district. This process was then continued for all other applicants with a focus of including staff and parent representation across buildings and programming.
  • 46 total applicants
    • 3 Administrator - 3 selected
    • 12 Special Education Teachers - 6 selected
    • 3 General Education Teachers - 3 selected 
    • 1 Early Childhood/Project Find - 1 selected
    • 8 Ancillary staff - 5 selected
      • 1 speech and language pathologist
      • 1 occupational therapist
      • 1 school psychologist
      • 1 social worker
      • 1 physical therapist
    • 15 Parents - 9 selected
    • 6 Para educators - 2 selected



  • Carrie Fines - RR - BHHS


  • Rob Durecka – WHMS
  • Mary Hillberry – Lone Pine
  • David Reed-Nordwall - BHHS

SE Teacher

  • Arica Porter - BHHS RR
  • Linda Carlson - WHMS (has Elementary & WL teaching exp)
  • Lisa Brown – Transition Coordinator
  • Beth Mueller – WHMS/BHEA Union Rep
  • Elizabeth Tallant – DHH

*Also listed above:

  • Carrie Fines – BHHS/Facilitator

GE Teachers

  • Pam Walsh – EHMS
  • Elizabeth Akers – EHMS
  • Doug Thompson – GERT - EHMS

Early Childhood

  • Colleen Kady-Kalanquin -Project Find/Fox Hills SSW

Ancillary Staff

  • Cassandra Jones - BHHS/McKinney Vento
  • Marci Shumacher – EMHS, Private Schools/School Psychologist
  • Melissa Elkus – DHH, Wing Lake, Fox Hills
  • Julie Chinoski – District Wide/Physical Therapist
  • Tiffany Hartman – District Wide/Occupational Therapist


  • Angela Grondz – PAC Rep/Conant
  • Kimberly Cromer - Wing Lake
  • Gina Morgan - DHH
  • Michelle Soto – Eastover, BHHS
  • Aftab Farooq – BHMS, PREP
  • Brian Munn – Conant/WHMS
  • Stephanie Crider -EHMS
  • Amy Goodman - BHHS
  • Jennifer Darawi - EHMS

Para Educators

  • Kathy Lawor – Conant
  • Donna Polasek - ARP

Contact Us


Jennifer Perrone
Director - Special Education
FAX 248.341.6399

Rebecca Anders

Trevor Harker

Dionna Boose
Secretary - Special Education

Melinda Hassett
Secretary - Special Education








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