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The students in the Bloomfield Hills Schools PREP program have a full workshop that can be used to teach both work and leisure skills. Each season, the students create wooden gift items that are available for purchase by the community. “Our PREP students have been hard at work crafting and creating throughout November and have items ready for sale” said PREP Teacher Russ McCall. “All items are student-made and ready to take home.”

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Special Education Handbook Revised 2022


Regardless of the nature or severity of a child's disability, our exceptionally-trained staff is dedicated to addressing a wide range of needs. Bloomfield Hills Schools' Special Education programs operates in accordance with all state and federal guidelines.

The BHS special education program assists children with a variety of social, emotional and learning impairments. Children are assimilated into traditional classrooms as much as possible dependent upon their individual needs.

A number of special education programs at each building assist children in challenging areas, provide academic skills training, and help with learning difficulties.

For more information view the Special Education Handbook for Families.


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