DHH - Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

A Student in the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program at Bloomfield Hills Schools in Michigan

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program provides academic instruction within the general curriculum through services that support each student's learning needs as determined by their Individualized Educational Planning Teams.

Students with hearing loss who reside in Oakland County attend the BHS DHH program on behalf of their resident districts. These resident districts include:

Avondale Schools
Berkley Schools
Birmingham Public Schools
Bloomfield Hills Schools
Brandon School District
Clarenceville School District
Clarkston Community Schools
Clawson Public Schools
Farmington Public Schools
Ferndale Public Schools
Hazel Park Schools
Holly Area Schools
Huron Valley Schools
Lake Orion Community Schools
Lamphere Schools
Madison District Public Schools
Novi Community School District
Oak Park Schools
Oxford Community Schools

Pontiac School District
Rochester Community Schools
Royal Oak Neighborhood School
South Lyon Community School District
Southfield Public Schools
Troy School District
Walled Lake Consolidated School
Waterford School District
West Bloomfield School District


Preschool through High School Program

The preschool through high school program is dedicated to educating students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing with development of their abilities to use content knowledge and problem solving skills at the highest levels possible. To assist each student's attainment of this goal, early effective communication, quality instruction, and parental support are crucial. Over 100 students on an annual basis receive outstanding educational opportunities and communication choices within the general education environment.

The student population ranges from mild to profound hearing loss, including students with cochlear implants. Students may attend classes within a DHH classroom with staff who are DHH certified, or within co-taught classrooms, or within general education classrooms.

  • Fox Hills Preschool, Eastover Elementary and East Hills Middle School provide Total Communication school environments.
  • Bloomfield Hills High School is a Total Communication Program.

Services Available to Students & Families

The following services and opportunities are available to students and their families:

  • FM Soundfield
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • ASL Specialist services
  • Modified Curriculum
  • Interpreters
  • Interveners
  • School Psychologist with expertise in Deafness
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Peers for Direct Communication
  • Counselors with Expertise in Deafness
  • Audiological Assistance
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adult Role Models
  • Captioned Media, Video Phones, Visual Alerting Devices
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Deaf Drama classes and Performances
  • Family Sign Language Classes
  • Visual Phonics

Enrollment Process

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program located within Bloomfield Hills School District is a language-intensive program for Deaf and hard of hearing students who reside within Oakland County. Referrals to this program are generated by resident district Directors of Special Education.

Deaf and hard of hearing students from preschool through high school age, are referred to the DHH Program by their resident district Directors of Special Education.

Upon receipt of a referral, DHH Staff within Bloomfield Hills review student records, including a current MET, and observe the student. If the student is eligible for the language-intensive DHH Program, the Supervisor of the DHH Program either accepts the student via a new IEP or via a Notice of FAPE form (for 30 school days), both of which are provided by the student's resident district.

Following DHH Supervisor receipt of the completed IEP or Notice of FAPE form, the student's family completes enrollment paperwork for Bloomfield Hills School District. These enrollment forms are available below or the parent can choose to complete the forms in person, by appointment only, in the DHH Supervisor's Office at  4174 Dublin Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.  To schedule an appointment with the Supervisor - please call 248.520.9349 or email

Enrollment Forms:
Student Enrollment Form
Request for Educational Records
Student Health Questionnaire
Immunization Checklist
Communications Form
Statement of Conduct

At the conclusion of the enrollment process, the student becomes an official Bloomfield Hills Schools student and receives a class schedule/assignment. Resident districts maintain transportation responsibility.


Trevor Harker, Ed. S
Special Education Supervisor
Deaf and Hard of Hearing

DHH - Office
4174 Dublin Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302




Bloomfield Hills High School - PA104 - Scene Shop, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA110 - Choir Room, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA117 - Learning Studio, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA122 - Orc
Eastover Elementary School - Gym, Eastover Elementary School - Media Center, Eastover Elementary School - Room 104, Eastover Elementary School - Room 106
Eastover Elementary School - Gym
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Bloomfield Hills High School - PA104 - Scene Shop, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA110 - Choir Room, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA117 - Learning Studio, Bloomfield Hills High School - PA122 - Orc