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"How do I know if my child is gifted?" "How do I know if my child needs support?"

These are questions families often ask themselves, without knowing where to turn for answers. Fortunately, Bloomfield Hills Schools is here to help. Since all gifted children are not the same and all children in need of support are not the same, we have developed personalized programs and services to help your child reach their fullest potential.

From birth, every child has unique ability levels and a unique set of interests. Using their personal interests, we are able to help your child discover their passions, set goals, and reach important milestones.

Through our MAP program, we are able to Maximize the Academic Potential (MAP) of all students by providing challenging and meaningful learning opportunities. We believe that every child has a unique profile of abilities and is entitled to an education that maximizes his/her potential. We challenge our students to better themselves in our flexible, small classrooms, and auxiliary learning environments. Our high achievers, advanced learners, and academically gifted students benefit from our goal to provide opportunities for them to reach their potential.

Our Special Education services are second to none. Regardless of the nature or severity of a child's disability, our exceptionally-trained staff is dedicated to addressing a wide range of needs. The BHS special education program assists children with a variety of social, emotional, and learning impairments. Children are assimilated into traditional classrooms as much as possible dependent upon their individual needs. A number of special education programs at each building assist children in challenging areas, provide academic skills training, and help with learning difficulties.

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International Exchange Students

How can I host an international exchange student?

Placements for international exchange students in Bloomfield Hills Schools are through Youth for Understanding. If you are interested in becoming a host family please visit

How can I become an international exchange student?

The option for students to study abroad in Bloomfield Hills Schools is available through Youth for Understanding. If you are a current student interested in studying abroad please visit