Families with students in grades K-8 need to complete The Request for Student Transportation form if their child will utilize transportation starting April 5, 2021. The form must be completed for each child who will ride the bus in grades K-8.
  • If your child will not ride the bus, or your child has an IEP with transportation services included, please disregard.
  • If your transportation needs change at any point during the semester, please contact the transportation department to add or drop your child from a route.
  • We will plan routes based on completed Request for Student Transportation forms and implement the new routes starting April 5, 2021.
  • The new routes will not be available for viewing until April 3. We will notify families when the new routes are available.

Thank you for helping us create the most efficient routes possible.

Request for Student Transportation Form

About Transportation

Bloomfield Hills Buses - West Bloomfield, Bloomfield, and Oakland County

The mission of the Bloomfield Hills Schools Transportation department is to transport children safely, in mechanically sound vehicles, to and from school and school activities, with compassion, caring, and courtesy in a safe environment.

  • BHS has 59 buses that are excellently maintained by our mechanics Rich Hella and Brandon Johnston. 
  • Our lead mechanic, Rich Hella, was voted as 2020 Technician of the Year by Michigan Association of Pupil Transportation.
  • Our fleet has passed the Michigan State Police Inspections with a 100% for the past 29 years!  

We strive for everyone who rides the bus to feel safe and secure and enjoy their bus ride. Have a safe and happy school year!

Transportation Team

Main Department

Kathy Powers

Tammy Aldridge

Sandy Lesniak

Jane Mack

Bus Stops

The bus stops for kindergarten students follow the same guidelines, laws, and Board of Education Policy as all other elementary school grades. 


Congratulations, Transportation Team!