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Alumni Feature: Tori Weingarten

"My time spent at BHHS, learning from faculty, students, and coaches has taught me to not just focus on myself, but to better my community”, shares 2018 BHHS graduate Tori Weingarten. Tori is interning with a company called Wisdo, which is an app that is an emotional wellness self-care platform that provides the users encountering life's challenges with people who can relate to those experiences. Within the app, there are many different communities one can join, such as finding ways to increase happiness, dealing with academic stress, coping with depression, anxiety, and many more. There are also mentors on the app that lead sessions as well as schedule one on one appointments. 

“I'm hoping BHHS can take advantage of this incredible resource. High school seniors have dealt with a lot of change in the last couple of months. I'm excited to say that this app is now free to anyone with a .edu email address and we have also released new communities on the app to help individuals cope with life's new stressors during the COVID-19 pandemic”, Tori explains.

What are some special memories you have as a student at BHS?

Tori attended Bloomfield Hills Schools K-12: Pine Lake, West Hills, and then Bloomfield Hills High School.

"I remember finishing a test and then going into the halls with Mrs. Laliberte and showing her different skating jumps off ice. It was moments, like this, that I will never forget. We were laughing together and were able to talk about things not just related to school. This day put a smile on my face that I’ll never forget. Other special memories were our teams winning the State Championships for Forensics and Figure Skating my senior year, as a captain of both."

Who were some faculty members that were impactful in your life?

"I truly was so impressed by the faculty at BHS, so it’s so difficult to just pick a couple that helped me through this journey.

Mr. Honeyman made my middle school experience an unforgettable journey. I still remember his weekly vocabulary words so clearly. Each time I hear one, I shout, "That's a Honeyman vocab word!!". My friends usually get very confused. He's just one of those teachers that truly wants his students to learn. He helped me grow as a person, taught me how to be kind to others, and of course, taught me a million vocabulary words that I'll never forget.

I was so grateful to start off high school with Mr. Huhta in Biology class. I was able to take another class, AP Environmental Science, with him senior year. His warm, kind-hearted energy is something that I'll always remember.

My high school experience would not nearly have been the same without Mrs. Laliberte. I was able to get to know her beyond just classroom work. She helped me find my voice in writing and taught me how to be my best self. Her challenging teaching style brings the best out in students and I would not be where I am today without her support along the way.

I was so excited when I finally had the opportunity to take a class with Mrs. Vasile my senior year. She, especially, taught me how to always give it your all to anything you are doing.

The BHHS Forensics Team played a large role in my high school experience and I became Captain my senior year. Although I never had Mrs. Tier as a teacher, she was always my go-to person, whether it be at a Forensics tournament, a random text I felt the need to send her at 11 pm, and the non-stop laughter together over the 4 years. Being involved in Forensics, particularly in the Sales Category, opened me up to a world where I'm not afraid to speak up, which really makes college feel easier. Mrs. Tier helped this passion for public speaking grow and she challenged me along the journey. Some of my favorite high school memories were scheduling 30 min coaching sessions, which included mostly laughing together and her making fun of my weird habits. She is someone I will never forget."

Why did you decide to study Psychology?

"I was a competitive figure skater for almost 15 years. Being surrounded by a sport that’s so heavily dominated by your mental state has made me want to explore Psychology. I, admittedly, struggled with letting my head take too much control during skating competitions. Now, watching skating from the other side, I totally see how this happens. Sports Psychology became something that I found myself googling and wanting to learn more about. I, then, had Ms. Bsheart (Marlowe) for AP Psychology. She helped me seal the deal to major in Psychology. I was able to learn so much from her and just like other teachers, I truly had the opportunity to get to know her on a deeper level. I have enjoyed taking all different types of Psychology classes in college. One of my favorite classes was having the chance to go to Glacier Hills, a senior living community a few times a week. I worked on the dementia floor and this was an eye-opening experience. From here, I realized I really enjoy working and helping people. Also, in Middle and High School, I was a volunteer and now am a certified Special Olympics Winter coach, specifically focused on figure skating. I have a passion for helping out and learning from others."

What advice would you give to current BHS students?

"I have two words of wisdom for younger students. One piece of advice I would like to share is to never be afraid to be your true self. There are so many opportunities out there. Explore what you’re interested and passionate about. Second, don’t be shy with your teachers. They are there to help you and will guide you way more than you know once you show interest. The people you meet and engage with along your journey will impact your future, so make good choices.

Overall, I would say that being involved in the BHHS Forensics team and Figure Skating Team as well as volunteering weekly for Special Olympics shed positive light on my high school experiences. I always looked forward to attending each of these events."

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