Alumni Spotlight: Michael Myers, Lahser Class of 2007

What were the most important lessons you learned at Bloomfield Hills Schools?

“Venture to be different,” and “Whatever it is you do, do it all out - no stopping.” These two things have become ingrained in my everyday life. When you can finally see clearly something you’ve worked towards for so very long, you believe in it more than ever …which then drives you more than ever. True relentlessness equates to true fruition.

Were there any classes that you took in BHS that inspired you to develop a safety and communication software system?

Not so much a specific class, My Campus was birthed on the idea and excitement of wishing we had a tool like this while we were students in the Bloomfield Hills schools. To have the information is to have knowledge and essentially have options. There were so many happenings I wish I had known about and people I wish I had known better. There are multiple systems out there that do this or that; teachers have a laundry list of portals they always need to be checking. The My Campus software was built on two pillars; ease of use and reliability; when it comes to our schools, our teachers, our students …safety and security is of paramount importance. No message or alert should ever take minutes or hours when it can instead take seconds. There’s a reason it took years to build this software; it’s the one stop shop for communication as well as safety and security.

Share a bit about yourself.

I lived out of Bloomfield for several years but have recently moved back. I love my community and the school system that contributed to the passion and drive I have now. I have a niece and nephew in the Bloomfield Hills school system and am excited to see the great things it will do for them.

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