Rebecca Abel, Class of 1996, is a local entrepreneur

Rebecca Abel, a 1996 graduate of Bloomfield Hills Schools, is a local entrepreneur.  Her newest businesses, Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium- Ferndale & D’VINE Cookies, provide scrumptious treats!

Tell us a little about yourself!
I am a mother of two boys, ages 11 and 14, and have two businesses that I’m working on: D’VINE Cookies and Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium.

I have been a financial planner for 20 years with a special focus on divorce. Through that I have had a lot of community involvement. In 2012 I co-founded the Women’s Divorce Resource Center, a non-profit business educating and empowering women during divorce.

What's your favorite type of D’VINE cookie?
My favorite cookie is the chocolate chip.  I love a cookie with a lot of chocolate that is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.  That’s how we make all our cookies.

Treat Dreams Dessert Emporium, in Ferndale, is a collaboration between D’VINE cookies and Treat Dreams ice cream.  We partnered to create the ultimate dessert cafe, featuring the most decadent desserts we could dream up including 14 layer cakes, 5 pound ice cream sandwiches and Dream sundaes that are as big as a bowling ball. 

When did you first try baking?
I enjoyed baking a little as a kid, more because I loved eating sweets.  I really hadn't baked much at all since then, until I started to toy with the idea of creating a cookie company.  I needed to teach myself, so I googled my way through learning to make a great cookie.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, which is not much these days, I enjoy running, skiing, boating, going up north, and just being outside.

What did you enjoy as a Bloomfield Hills Schools student?
My favorite memories really involved the teams I was a part of.  One year our cross country team won regionals!  It was very exciting.

I loved being involved in sports at Andover. I was a four year track and cross country runner runner and captain for the cross country team my senior year. I have great memories of my coaches and team members. 

What were the most important lessons that you learned?
Bloomfield Hills schools had a large pool of really talented and intelligent students. I learned that it was important to figure out what my strengths were and to focus on those. 

Do you still draw upon your Bloomfield Hills Schools experience today?
I had to work really hard to do well at Andover.  I learned great study skills and had great teachers who helped me learn how to learn.

What advice would you give current students or alumni?
Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and be creative!

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