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2020 BHHS Regional Scholastic Art Award Winners

The BHHS Visual Arts Department is proud to announce that BHHS art students won 43 awards at the regional level of Scholastic Art Awards. In particular, they are pleased to announce 4 honorable mention and silver key portfolios, 8 individual Gold Key awards and one Best of Show Gold Key Portfolio. All Gold Keys artwork and Gold Key portfolios will be judged at the national level with results being released in March.

The Scholastics Art Exhibit will be open from February 10 - March 6, 2020, with student artwork on display at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 12:00 - 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The winners were honored at a ceremony at the Detroit Institute of Arts on Monday, February 10, 2020.

The Southeastern Michigan Region of the Scholastic Art Awards is sponsored by the College for Creative Studies and supported by an advisory board of volunteer art teachers.

Check out the Gold Key winning artworks in the slideshow below. View the winners from EHMS!

2020 Southeast Michigan Regional Scholastic Art Award Winners for BHHS

Best of Show Gold Key Portfolio Award 

  • Erin Schwartz 

Silver Key Art Portfolio 

  • Jenny She
  • Margot Wester
  • Georgia Zimmerman

Honorable Mention Portfolio 

  • Sophie Elter

Gold Key 

  • Henry Earls (Fashion)
  • Henry Earls (Printmaking)
  • Karam Hadid (Ceramics)
  • Leena Jandali (Digital Art)
  • Tori Karpach (Ceramics x2)
  • Brooke Lady (Drawing)
  • Erin Schwartz (Photography x3)
  • Emma Spuell (Photography x2)
  • Gabriella Tremonti (Photography)
  • Bianca Trihenea (Digital Art)

Silver Key 

  • Natalie Brooks (Sculpture)
  • Carly Finerty (Digital Art)
  • Tori Karpach (Ceramics)
  • Maggie Kirkman (Sculpture)
  • Noah Roberts (Photography)
  • Jenny She (Photography)
  • Katherine Smith (Ceramics)
  • Anja Weller (Design)
  • Margot Wester (Drawing)
  • Ellyana Wills (Digital Art, Painting)
  • Clare Zeigler (Photography)
  • Georgia Zimmerman (Photography x2)

Honorable Mention 

  • Alicia Bedoya-Hoeck (Photography)
  • Henry Earls (Printmaking)
  • Sophie Elter (Drawing)
  • Chloe Erickson (Ceramics)
  • Alicia Forier (Sculpture)
  • Lina Hashimoto (Drawing)
  • Victoria Hungerman (Ceramics x2)
  • Jun Ki Kim (Mixed Media)
  • Brooke Lady (Drawing)
  • Tyler Martin (Honorable Mention)
  • Sadia Rahman (Digital Art)
  • Jenny She (Photography x2)
  • Anja Weller (Photography)

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