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BHHS Community Service Club Eggs Homes for Charity

Students from the BHHS Community Service Club raised funds for children who have been abused or neglected through an “Egg My Yard” charity event that donated $2,656 to Care House. 

The students solicited interested families through social media and PTO channels. Families paid between $20 and $40 each for various numbers of eggs. The weekend before, 20 students met to fill 4,000 eggs with various treats. Then, 27 students drove around the community “egging” the yards of 108 homes after dark on April 3. 

Abby Sung, BHHS 11th grader and leader of the Community Service Club along with Courtney Atkinson and Sammy Curcuru, said that some volunteers contributed more than 12 hours each to this project. And, Sung reported, feedback from the families was overwhelmingly positive with many hoping this will be an annual event

Besides the 20 students from the Community Service Club, there were 9 students from Student Leadership and 6 students from National Honor Society who participated. The students who took part in the fundraiser were: Abby Sung, Ashley Kronenberg, Benji Stern, Carly Bernard, Caroline Griffin, Carson Brodsky, Claire Spektor, Courtney Atkinson, Ella Salisz, Ellie Alberts, Grant Perlmuter, Jackson Herrick, Jayden Roth, Joe Hoag, Joey Pisano, Julia Allen, Lexi Guerrier, Lindsey, Zousmer, Marc Ventura, Max Fenster, Nathan Madlambayan, Nikko Diponio, Parker Pryzgoda, Rachel Freedland, Rachel Shepard, Robert Newland, Ryleigh Lopez, Sammy Curcuru, Seth Kruger, Shane Winter, Skylar Sterns, and Tommy Hedges.

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