BHHS Student Gavin Niblock Selected to Play for the Under 19 Cricket World Cup for Team Canada

Gavin Niblock, a 12th grade student at Bloomfield Hills High School, is one of fifteen players to be selected to Team Canada for the Under 19 Cricket World Cup! The tournament will take place in the Caribbean in January 2022. Canada is one of 16 countries competing for the World Cup, with the tournament matches to be streamed on ICC.TV from January 14th to February 5th.

Niblock shares, “My first interaction with cricket was when I saw my first World Cup match while living in India when I was 5. I then began playing and learning the game while living in Budapest. There I learned the fundamentals that I took with me when I began playing for a club team in British Columbia, Canada, where I play on the kids and adults teams. I worked my way up through the ranks and I’m currently representing Canada at the under 19 World Cup!” 

Parents Samantha Sparks and Brad Niblock are very proud. “Gavin’s father is a Canadian Diplomat,” they said, “and we were posted to New Delhi, India when Gavin was young. He collected cricket cards like American kids collected baseball cards! We were later posted to Budapest, Hungary where he learned cricket in an after-school program offered by a British coach and Australian coach. In the summers we were back in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he played cricket with the Vancouver Meraloma cricket club. In Detroit, he’s been lucky to find the Farmington cricket club, where they play year-round so it’s given him lots of practice time.

“This past summer he was selected to play on the BC provincial team to compete in the under 19 Canada cup in Toronto. From that, he was one of 15 players selected to Team Canada to compete in the under 19 World Cup in the Caribbean. They just arrived in St.Kitts, where 16 teams from all over the world will compete until early February.  Gavin just turned 18 in October and is a senior at Bloomfield Hills High School, where he also played Varsity soccer this year.  His friends, teachers, and the administration have been very supportive and excited for him. It’s a huge honor and a big step to fulfill his dreams of following cricket as far as he can! He loves the game and he’s worked really hard to get to where he is. Gavin’s a left-arm bowler, but he’s also a great keeper, fielder, and batter, so an all arounder really! It’s just incredible to see him play and have this honor and opportunity!”

The Cricket World Cup, an international cricket championship held at four-year intervals, is the premier contest in one-day cricket and is a widely viewed sporting event around the world. Many congratulations to Gavin on this incredible achievement!

Gavin Niblock, a 12th grade student, selected to Team Canada


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