BHHS Students Coordinate Power In Plushies to Benefit Children at Beaumont

Power in Plushies is a new initiative founded by a team of seven Bloomfield Hills High School 12th grade students, with a mission to provide toys and stuffed animals to those who are in need. The students are selling hand-made plushies to students and families, with all profits going to purchase smaller plushies that are shared with children at Beaumont Children’s Hospital.

Group member Max Murphy (grade 12) notes, “Any and all profits go directly to buying plushies for children at Beaumont, which we donate. We were originally planning on donating identical handmade ones, but they only accept store-bought. The handmade plushies go to the customer, and we use all profits to buy the store-bought plushie. Handmade plushies are $20, and the store-bought ones are $6.”

Emma Doerr (grade 12) creates hand-made plushies. Founder of the group Alex Siu (grade 12) shares, “One of my close friends (Doerr) is really into crocheting. And the father of two other members of the team, sisters Ilana and Marlee Watson, is head surgeon at Beaumont Troy. We found out that they needed toys for the Children’s Hospital. A lot of these kids don’t have any toys to play with. We were thinking about them. A lot of our team have family and relatives that spent time in the hospital, so we know how traumatic it can be. It would be great for a kid to have a toy and to know that someone else was thinking about them.”

The crocheted plushies are being sold all year long, often during student lunch times at BHHS. Siu concludes, “It’s a good cause, to participate in something that’s bigger than you, and that can really help others.” To learn more, and support this great cause, visit the Power in Plushies website.

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