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BHMS Has a Heart for Kindness

Author Harold Kushner is credited with the quote, "Do things for people not because of who they are or for what they do in return, but because of who you are".

BHMS students and staff showed who they are in response to the Great Kindness Challenge (GKC), held during the week of January 27, 2020.

A checklist of kind acts was passed out to students and staff, with the challenge to complete as many as they could in one week. Every day during lunchtime, paper hearts were available at a "Kindess Station", where students and staff could write down acts of kindness that they experienced or witnessed.

Every heart, representing one act of kindness, was hung on a courtyard window outside of the BHMS main office. Not only were the windows full of hearts, but hallways and classrooms were full of kindness. This is a great opportunity for adults and students to talk at home about the acts of kindness that students performed, witnessed or read about on the paper hearts, and encourage them to continue spreading kindness every single day.

Special thanks go to BHMS teachers Mrs. Marion and Mrs. Marx, who organized and carried out the GKC at BHMS.  An annual, week-long event, the GKC is sponsored by the global organization Kids for Peace. For more information on the event and organization visit the Great Kindness Challenge website.

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