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Oakland Youth Orchestra Names BHS Student Winners in Solo Competition

The 2021 Oakland Youth Orchestra recently held Solo Competitions, and two Bloomfield Hills Schools students - Hannah Oh and Elizabeth Oh - placed top in their categories! Within the Philharmonia Orchestra, Hannah Oh, 6th grade student at East Hills Middle School, won 1st place with a cello performance of Elgar Concerto, 1st movement. In String Orchestra, Elizabeth Oh, a 4th grader at East Hills, won 2nd Place with a violin performance of Rieding Concertino in Ungarischer Weise. 

Hannah shares, “This year, at the Oakland Youth Orchestra, there was a solo competition. Before, the students obviously did it in-person, but this year, we had to record ourselves and hand them to the judges. It was wacky because this has never happened before. However, it is a very memorable experience.” Sister Elizabeth adds, “Playing and practicing the violin every day was tiring but overall, it was pretty good. I got in 2nd place, so I was very happy!” Seung Oh reflects, “As a parent, I am very grateful that these teachers have given the opportunity to learn more about music. Thanks to Dr. Chin Mei Li, Mrs. Elizabeth Marsh, Dr. Sung Chan Chang, Ms. Dawn Heese, Ms. Hae Won Oh, Mrs. Joanne Walle, Mrs. Andrea Yun, and Mr. Nat Erde.” Congratulations to Hannah and Elizabeth Oh for their musical success!

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