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Teacher of the Month Awarded to 4th Grade Teacher Michelle Parks

In a year like no other, Bloomfield Hills Schools is proud to celebrate the amazing teachers who work tirelessly to educate our students. Michelle Parks, 4th grade teacher at East Hills Middle School, was recently visited by State Representative Mari Manoogian to be awarded “Teacher of the Month.” Representative Manoogian’s visit to Parks’ classroom on a snowy February morning was unexpected.  Parks shares, “I was completely surprised and tongue-tied! I always welcome visitors in my classroom so I thought it was just a few district staff members that were coming in to say hello and see what was happening in my room. I feel beyond honored and appreciative to be the recipient of this award as I work alongside many talented teachers, both in my school and throughout the district.”

Nominated by Superintendent Pat Watson, Director of Instructional Equity Margaret Schultz, and Director of Elementary Education Kimberly Hempton, Michelle Parks is a model elementary school educator. Schultz and Hempton’s nomination letter notes, “Michelle’s classroom is a place that makes each learner feel valued. Their voices and perspectives are elevated in a way that promotes engagement and a sense of belonging.  Michelle gives targeted feedback to students that supports their reflection, ability to self assess progress, and set goals for improvement. Michelle leads learning with care and her classroom is a place of joy and risk taking. She has high expectations for students while also offering levels of support individualized for each student’s needs. Michelle is always looking to stretch herself professionally and has an open-door policy for anyone in the district to stop in her classroom. She is eager to help grow the work of the district, and is constantly finding ways to hone in on her practice within the classroom. She has also presented to district staff on instructional practices that she uses in her classroom.”

Beginning in 2017, Parks taught 5th grade at East Hills, and transferred to teaching 4th grade in 2018. “My favorite part about being a teacher in BHS is the feeling of family. I grew up attending Hickory Grove, East Hills, and Lahser, so I’ve developed and maintained many relationships with teachers and staff over the years. However, the feeling of family isn’t limited to the walls of the buildings. I love developing the connections I have with so many of the families of my students. As the years pass it’s a joy to catch up with previous students and even have their younger siblings in my room. The magic of BHS is very rare and I’m incredibly appreciative to be part of such a thoughtful educational community.”  

Congratulations to Michelle Parks on a well-deserved recognition of educating Bloomfield Hills Schools students!

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