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Admirers Send Glowing Notes Appreciating Staff Efforts

While many students created video messages and Parent-Teacher Organizations planted lawn signs and sent e-gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, the accolades didn’t end there. There were students, parents, guardians, staff members, and even alumni who took the time to send in individual written messages of appreciation this month. The letters praised the immense efforts of so many Bloomfield Hills Schools staff members, especially during this school year and the new Continuous Learning process. Here are some of the amazing and heartfelt notes that were received.  #ThankaTeacher #BHSTogether

"Thank you to all the individuals who collectively support the children of the District. You've shown real leadership in how you've handled a situation for which there's been no precedent or opportunity to plan or train. Thank you for choosing to stay laser-focused on the needs of our children during this difficult time, at a time when chaos easily could have taken hold and excuses easily raised. You've brought them a renewed sense of routine. Thank you, Superintendent Watson, as I know you didn't expect to face such a harrowing situation so soon in your tenure. The way you've handled this situation clearly evidences the sound decision that was made in choosing you for this position. Best wishes that all of you, your families, and close friends remain safe and healthy."

- Stephen, Dolores, Krista, and Karson Studier (BHS family)

"I would like a "shout-out" to go to Lisa Kucinski who teaches at BHMS! Of course, I have emailed her personally to thank her, but would like to publicly recognize her tireless efforts to provide students/families with user-friendly academic content, communicating via emails, hangouts, etc., quickly responding to families from the community, and doing, in my opinion, everything in her power to remain connected and support both students and their families....all the while taking care of her own family. As both a parent and employee of this district, I am beyond grateful for everything she has done during this pandemic and also proud to be working in a district with so many dedicated teachers like Lisa."

- Lisa Fish, LMSW, ACSW (Social Worker at Eastover Elementary and parent of a BHS student)

"I want to express my sincere gratitude not only to my child’s wonderful teacher, Ms.Jackie May, and our fantastic principal, Dr. Mary Hillberry, but to our entire school community. You have clearly expressed that your priority is that we all get through this difficult period together. I love how you still hold the fundamentals of the school’s philosophy in practice, encouraging students to be curious learners and socially responsible and empathetic individuals. I am proud to be a part of the BHS family."

- Karishma Guha (parent of a second grade student at Lone Pine Elementary)

"The teacher I personally appreciate the most is Ms. Walters from D.S. She has helped me so much through my high school experience. I feel she cared about me as well as her other students, and I appreciate all the hard work she put in to make sure we as students succeeded."

-Matthew Teitelbaum (BHS student)

"I have three teachers that I would like to thank, although it was very hard to narrow it down. To Mrs. Reamer - Thank you for providing engaging video meetings and tight, but not too strict, expectations for your students. Out of every class, yours feels the most like I'm actually physically in school, and I appreciate that.  To Mr. Massucci - Thank you for inspiring your students with stimulating, in-depth content in your lessons and for considering how we, the students, are managing the workload in your class. I've truly enjoyed learning about history, thought to be one of the most boring subjects in school, in your class because you made it about the stories and the lessons in them rather than just about the dates. To Mrs. Mara - Thank you for making every meeting truly enjoyable and worth our time because of the packed in educational content which makes it feel as if we were in class. And thank you for your kind mannerisms that provide your students with motivation to succeed. For all: A great teacher makes a great class."

- Christine Balde (BHS student)

"I want to recognize four very special and talented teachers in BHS who teach ARP, FRP, and PREP. Although I work with them very closely when school is in session, I wanted  to take this opportunity to give a special "shout out" to all four of them for the amazing way they were able to create Google classrooms, continue to instruct virtually, create meaningful lessons, and pick up where we left off before the shut down on March 13, 2020. The four teachers I am speaking about are Jessi Haines (BHHS-ARP teacher), Jessica Krull - aka JK (BHHS-FRP teacher), Meghan Gornick (PREP Adult Transition teacher for ages 18 - 26) and Russ McCall (PREP Adult Transition teacher for  ages 18 - 26). They have been absolutely innovative at developing creative ways to reach some of our most challenged learners. Jessica Krull, in particular, has  tirelessly been doing daily virtual meetings in addition to breaking things down to a level that is attainable. In fact,  she actually ordered materials from Amazon Prime and had the materials delivered to the students’ houses so that they can participate while she is doing online teaching. I feel so honored to work with such hard working, caring, and compassionate teachers who are doing everything in their power to reach out, continue to connect, and offer support and instruction to learners who struggle more than average. I am truly blessed. Thank you Jessi, JK, Meghan, and Russ for a job that goes above and beyond the call of duty."

-Lisa Brown (BHS Transition Coordinator)

"A thank you to all teachers, loved ones, administrators, and anyone else......what a year....the lock down, the's one for the books, that is for sure. I'm grateful for all you do."

-Nancy Coates (BHS parent)

"I grew up around here and took for granted that I was surrounded by great schools and a great community. Now I’m putting my kids through Bloomfield Hills Schools and am blown away by the excellent teachers and district. It brings tears to my eyes how much our teachers have done to be there for and educate our kids, especially this year. Thank you all for going above and beyond!"

-Kathy Kupelian (BHS parent)

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