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BHHS Health curriculum supports mental health using Prepare U

 At Bloomfield Hills High School, Health is a required course for graduation. This one semester course provides a host of helpful resources to support students’ mental health. Prepare U has been an integral part of the curriculum for several years, and provides multiple units and resources for mental health. Prepare U also has a parent portal that families can access, to find many resources that support mental health. The BHHS high school Health course also provides a "yellow pages" - an actual book - for students.  This contains other resources and websites that students can use if they need them. 
Nancy Lewand, who is a new Health teacher this school year at BHHS, taught Health and PE at International Academy (Bloomfield Hills campus) for 5 years, and also has 9 years of experience in elementary and middle schools teaching Health. Lewand notes, “I think Mental health is a very important topic to cover in high school health classes.  Unfortunately, I think mental health is a topic that is often overlooked and/or misunderstood in our society. My goal is to help students make sense of any unclear or misguided information and help them to make positive and well-informed choices regarding their mental health at this time in their lives and in the future.”

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Max Mojica

Max Mojica is starting kindergarten. This is something that hardly seemed possible just a few years ago, but, due to the interventions of the Early On Program through Bloomfield Hills Schools, Max made extensive progress. “There are SO many amazing people,” gushed parent Ericka Mojica, “I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. As soon as they sent me the email saying that he is not going to need anything going into kindergarten, and that he is ready for full-on kindergarten, I’m not going to lie, I got teary-eyed.” 

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Summer News from Bowers Farm

Did you know that Bowers Farm features a Farm Store, selling fresh vegetables and meats from the premises? Located at 1219 E. Square Lake Rd, in Bloomfield Hills, Bowers Farm is one of the only local farms with a store that features products grown right on the property. Grab your fresh farm produce, some ice cream, and then grab a seat outside on the patio to enjoy treats with friends and family!

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Middle School Orchestra Students Create Their Own Remix!

Middle School Orchestra Director Nat Erde provided a fun and educational challenge to Orchestra students at West Hills and East Hills Middle Schools recently: create a remix, or variation, and present it in a video. For this project, 6th - 8th grade Orchestra students chose a song or exercise from class and altered two aspects of the music, such as key signature, tempo, rhythm, articulation, or dynamics.

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