Fall 2021 BHS Foundation Lightning Grants Recipients

The BHS Foundation announced the recipients of their Fall Lightning Grants for the 2021-2022 school year. These micro-grants were awarded to district educators on an accelerated timeline, to support them as they teach remotely or in person.

Approved grants include online learning subscriptions, student manipulatives, diverse literature, online teaching tools, technology equipment/software, STEM tools, learning games, outdoor equipment, virtual field trips, and other creative instructional solutions.  

Fall 2021-2022 BHS Foundation Lightning Grant Recipients

  • Amy Cardin (Bowers)
  • Jason Rice (Bowers)
  • Savannah Drain (BHHS)
  • Julie Honkala (BHHS)
  • Angela Lee-Jan (BHHS)
  • Ronda Cooper (BHMS)
  • Joni Coleman (BHMS)
  • Annette Collins (Conant)
  • Sarah Sivier (Conant)
  • Laura McLean (Conant)
  • Haley Ludwig (Conant)
  • Denise Richards (Conant & BV)
  • Katelyn Hearit (District)
  • Dana Byrd (EHMS)
  • Mikhael Reamer (EHMS)
  • Lauren Rowe (EHMS)
  • David Lumsden (EHMS)
  • Lyn Cooper (EHMS)
  • Sean Strasberger (EHMS)
  • Nicole Mackinder (EHMS)
  • Christina Rayburn (EHMS)
  • Lisa St-Pierre (EHMS)
  • Mandy Oberst (EHMS & Way)
  • Michelle Parks (EHMS)
  • Taylor Tollafield (Eastover)
  • Katie Bramos (Eastover)
  • Pam Schmidt (Eastover)
  • Kate Philp (Eastover)
  • Christina Murriel (Eastover)
  • Jennifer Friedman (Eastover)
  • Nicole Travis (Eastover)
  • Tara Realy (Lone Pine)
  • Amanda Allen (Lone Pine)
  • Elena Yordanova (Lone Pine)
  • Cass Arsenault (Nature Center)
  • Lisa Kraiza (WHMS)
  • Abby Gordon (WHMS)
  • Beth Castellani (WHMS)
  • Jessica Shuler (Wing Lake)
  • Stacey Oberman (Wing Lake)
  • Stacey Wozniak (Wing Lake)
  • Ayisha Bhalli (Way)
  • Julie Dlugoss (Way)
  • Madeline Beyer (Way)
  • Mary Reed (Way)
  • Jennifer Hunt (Way)
  • Susan Collar (Way)
  • Kristen McNally (Way)
  • Cynthia Zervos (Way)

Congratulations to all of our recipients and all of the BHS students and staff who will benefit from these grants!

To support the students and staff of Bloomfield Hills Schools and to continue educator grant programs like this one, please consider donating today by visiting the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation Website.

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