Forensics Teams Shine Bright in Bloomfield Hills Schools

Bloomfield Hills Schools fosters public speaking skills through Forensics Teams, which exist in all three middle schools and at Bloomfield Hills High School. Middle school teams prepare students for the more rigorous high school level competitions. All three middle schools featured students placing in their categories, and, at the high school level, the Forensics Team finished second overall in the state in their division! This year, the high school competition was in-person, while the middle school tournament was held virtually. Congratulations to all of our Forensics students! 

The BHHS team came within 18 points of the state title, coming in 2nd in the state. With a slight disadvantage of 27 entries to Portage Central's 28, the team fought hard to challenge the reigning state championship team. Among the multiple awards winners from BHHS, 3 entries became state champions: Paul Abdelnour (Grade 11) in Storytelling, Karina Yang (Grade 12) in Dramatic Interpretation, and the Multiple Group Say Anything, comprised of Rachel Berris (Grade 11), Trudy Gechter (Grade 9), Sloane Jaffe (Grade 9), David LaBond (Grade 9), Nicky Little (Grade 11), and Hughie Watters (Grade 11). Overall, the team finished with 3 state champions, 16 additional state finalists, and 6 state semi-finalists.

Coach Danielle Tier, recipient of this year’s MIFA Diana Rose Award for excellence in coaching, for leading the students to multiple state title championships, shares, “I was so happy to see forensics able to come back to in-person competitions. It really breathed life back into the activity this year. I am looking forward to seeing more and more students with renewed energy for co-curriculars in general and forensics in specific.”

If you are interested in auditioning for the 2022-2023 BHHS Forensics Team, look for details in the fall for a December or January audition time. All students are welcome to come audition regardless of previous experience.


See below for the list of BHS middle school students who placed at the MIFA State Tournament in May:

1st Place

  • Ava Pierre (WHMS, Grade 6) - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Lily Tang (BHMS, Grade 6) - Storytelling 5/6

2nd Place

  • Jodana Mesa (WHMS, Grade 6) - Broadcasting
  • Louisa Ullrich (WHMS, Grade 6) - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Carmen Rocha (BHMS, Grade 8) - Prose
  • Ashton Kallabat (BHMS, Grade 8) - Sales

3rd Place

  • Hannah Oh (EHMS, Grade 7) - Original Interpretation

4th Place 

  • Jared She (BHMS, Grade 7) - Sales
  • Payton Renusch (BHMS, Grade 8) - Storytelling
  • Harper Nagaj (WHMS, Grade 6) - Storytelling 5/6 

5th Place

  • Aayan Jawad (BHMS, Grade 8) - Oratory
  • Katie Tadesse (BHMS, Grade 8) - Prose

6th Place

  • Alex Abel (WHMS, Grade 8) - Storytelling


  • Monil Patel (BHMS, Grade 8) - Declamation
  • Chloe Wade (BHMS, Grade 6) - Declamation
  • Eva Welham (BHMS, Grade 8) - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Dheeyanksha Vishnu Sundherram (WHMS, Grade 7) - Informative
  • Tilly Stoller (WHMS, Grade 8) - Informative
  • Oona Sutton (EHMS, Grade 7) - Poetry
  • Maddalen Klop (BHMS, Grade 7) - Poetry
  • Stevie Ryke (BHMS, Grade 7) - Prose
  • Arnav Sehgal (BHMS, Grade 7) - Prose
  • Aniksha Karthik (BHMS, Grade 8) - Storytelling
  • Rhiannon Hinton (BHMS, Grade 8) - Storytelling
  • Yahia Fouda (WHMS, Grade 6) - Storytelling 5/6

See below for the list of BHHS students who placed at the MIFA State Tournament in April:

1st Place

  • Say Anything: Rachel Berris (Grade 11), Trudy Gechter (Grade 9), Sloane Jaffe (Grade 9), David LaBond (Grade 9), Nicky Little (Grade 11) and Hughie Watters (Grade 11) - Multiple
  • Karina Yang (Grade 12) - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Paul Abdelnour (Grade 11) - Storytelling

2nd Place

  • Parus Dhillon (Grade 9) - Dramatic Interpretation 9/10
  • Naomi Parr (Grade 12) - Dramatic Interpretation
  • Leena Jandali (Grade 12) - Informative
  • Jaanaki Radhakrishnan (Grade 12) - Poetry

3rd Place

  • Reema Alahmadi (Grade 12) - Extemporaneous
  • Lindsey Zousmer (Grade 12) - Impromptu
  • Monsters, Inc.: Caleb Bivens (Grade 9), Cameron Klein (Grade 11), Lauren Kupelian (Grade 11), Nick Viselli (Grade 12), Jack Meyer (Grade 12), and Andrew Zupancic (Grade 12) - Multiple
  • Heather Chen (Grade 12) - Oratory
  • Justice Southward (Grade 11) - Poetry

4th Place

  • Joslyn Phillips (Grade 9) and Kendall Schulz (Grade 9) - Duo
  • Sarah Haddad (Grade 11) - Sales

5th Place

  • Zach Frank (Grade 12) and Michaela Nash (Grade 12) - Duo
  • Ruby Stoller (Grade 11) - Impromptu
  • Abigail Watters (Grade 12) - Prose
  • Gabriella Kallabat (Grade 11) - Sales

6th Place

  • Elle Pierre (Grade 10) - Dramatic Interpretation 9/10
  • Charlie Welham (Grade 10) - Informative

Over the course of the season, over 70 BHHS students participated in invitational forensics tournaments. This group was narrowed down to compete at the regional tournament. From there, students advanced to the state tournament. Congratulations to all of our Forensics students!

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