The Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation announced the recipients of the Spring 2022 BHSF Grants

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation announced the recipients of the Spring 2022 BHSF Grants.

Each fall and spring staff members and educators are invited to submit grant proposals for innovative ideas and experiences for Bloomfield Hills Schools students. This year’s grant projects include technology tools, student manipulatives, diverse literature, guest speakers, STEM tools, musical instruments, learning games, field trips, outdoor/experiential learning equipment, social/emotional learning resources, and other unique learning opportunities. 

Spring 2021-2022 BHS Foundation Lightning Grant Recipients

  • Aileen Myer (Bowers)
  • Alan Jaros (Bowers)
  • Matt Huhta (BHHS)
  • Alan Posner (BHHS)
  • Mary Bogrette (BHHS)
  • Nicole Lowry (BHHS)
  • Liza Lauter (BHHS)
  • Lisa Kucinski (BHMS)
  • Michael Morgan (BHMS)
  • Mary Baldwin (BHMS)
  • Denise Richards (Conant)
  • Cindy Livingston (Eastover)
  • Alicia Smith (Eastover)
  • Amanda Melymuka (Eastover)
  • Kate Philp (Eastover)
  • Anne Shaya (Eastover)
  • Jennifer Friedman (Eastover)
  • Kathryn Smith (Eastover)
  • Sean Strasberger (EHMS)
  • Jay Schumacher (EHMS)
  • Kristin Hanson (IA)
  • Elena Yordanova (Lone Pine)
  • Lisa Kraiza (WHMS)
  • Eve Pierre (WHMS)
  • Amy Stocker (Way)
  • Cynthia Zervos (Way)
  • Mandy Oberst (Way)
  • Stephanie Potier (BH/EH/WH)
  • Natalie Finerty (Bloomfield Youth Assistance)

Congratulations to all of the recipients and all of the BHS students and staff who will benefit from these grants! Donations to the Foundation contribute to grant programs like this one. Please consider donating today!


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