Trail Rally
Grab your friends for a fun evening at Johnson Nature Center’s TRAIL RALLY! You and your team of three other friends will explore all the trails as you search for the answers to the puzzles you have to solve. You do not need to be a nature nerd or detective to solve these puzzles, you just need a good sense of fun! At the end, you will return to the nature center for a pizza dinner.
Register early … THERE IS ONLY SPACE FOR 10 TEAMS!
All team members must be 18 years or older. Up to 4 people per team. The cost is $80 per team. All proceeds will benefit conservation efforts at the Johnson Nature Center. The Farm and Nature Center are funded through the Bloomfield Hills School general fund. Our top priority is to support our classroom teachers, providing hands-on learning opportunities. Direct expenses for activities that fall outside of the K-12 teaching and learning mission are passed along to participants of community events hosted by the Farm and Nature Center. The fees you pay will help our programs and sites continue to grow and thrive. Thank you!

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