Pro-football athlete Jeremy Hickey gifts books to Lone Pine’s new Level 4 Classroom

Jeremy Hickey, a free agent who will be playing Indoor Football League football with the Bay Area Panthers starting in March, recently visited Lone Pine Elementary School to donate over 100 books to the new Level 4 classroom. Hickey was raised in Troy, went to Brother Rice for high school, played football in college at Eastern Michigan from 2014-2018, and now coaches at Brother Rice. Hickey notes, “I have a teaching degree in Social Studies, and knew I wanted to be a teacher since 6th grade. I like giving back to the next generation. People gave back to me, and so I keep passing it forward. That’s what this season is all about.” 

Two big boxes of books were donated by Bloomfield Township Library, along with two boxes of book donations from an Amazon Wish List. Hickey’s agent, Brandy Runyan, assisted with the creation of an Amazon Wish List of books, and Hickey notes that many childhood favorites were among the titles, like Where The Wild Things Are. “I wanted to give back, and give books, to a school that needed them. There are so many books out there, and so much need for them; you just have to find the right place to put them. We sent out a broad ask to see what local schools wanted books, and Lone Pine responded. Since I’m from the area, it was nice to be able to give back here. These books leave a lasting impact on kids.”

Principal Dr. Hillberry noted that since the Level 4 classroom is new this school year, there was a need for more books. Hickey’s donation of over 100 books now provides a well-stocked classroom library, as the Resource Level 4 class provides extensive ongoing support for qualifying students.

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