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Student's Talents Translate to Etsy Business

Leah Dekutoski has taken a talent with yarn and a bent for creativity and entrepreneurship to create a business on Dekutoski crochets earrings and stuffies, which are small stuffed animals. 

Dekutoski, a fourth grader at Bloomfield Virtual, runs the business under the name Leahsloopsco and plans to give half the proceeds to charity. “I like to crochet a lot, and I wanted to take my hobby a step further, so I created a shop on Etsy,” said Dekutoski. 

Making the product is the most rewarding, according to Dekutoski. “The best part about running my business is the good feeling I get when I finish a creation. The hardest part about running the business is finding the time to complete the pieces.”

Yet, there is a passion that drives Dekutoski to continue. “My advice to students who want to start a business is to never let anything get in the way of what you love to do,” said Dekutoski.

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