Dinosaurs Visit Wing Lake

Watch out! The dinosaurs have invaded Wing Lake Developmental Center! Staff prepared students for this visit in September 2022, by incorporating dinosaurs into their curriculum. 

Wing Lake teacher Jessica Shuler thought this was a great event for students because it gave them a unique, hands-on opportunity in the comfort of their school environment. Students were able to interact with the life-like dinosaurs, including a T-Rex named Blue (a human dressed in an elaborate costume) and a baby dinosaur named Green Bean (a puppet), who moved and roared. The grins were contagious, as the dinosaurs allowed the students to pet them, feel their teeth, and play with their tails. 

This event was made possible by Dinosaur Off-Road Vehicle Encounters, an organization that travels the United States for large shows. While in town visiting the 2022 Detroit Auto Show, they made special visits to local hospitals, schools, and youth organizations to provide happiness and smiles to all those they met. 


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