4/5 Leadership Club Students, Leading the Way with Courage

"I learned that to be brave, you can't be scared," shares Lone Pine 2nd grade student Julia Esshaki, reflecting on a recent inspirational visit from the WHMS 4/5 Leadership Club students.  

"4th and 5th Grade Leadership Club students from West Hills have been working really hard to BE leaders, not just talk about how to be leaders," explains Club advisor Cameron Johns. "The students took action in deciding how to help with our growing number of refugees in the United States through a bedding drive for Freedom House Detroit. When presented with the task of helping 2nd graders learn about the IB Learner Profile attribute of the month of January, courage, students took ownership of the project. They helped decide not only which book to read, but which video to show the students in second grade. We decided the Kid President video about being an everyday hero and the story of Malala's Magic Pencil would inspire students to make a change and be courageous to do it. Finally, we wrote encouraging notes for someone special in our lives: a teacher, parents, siblings and classmates included, and gifted them a pencil to make a change. While this note may not seem like much, the day was all about having the courage to do one small thing in our lives that will make a big change in the life of another person," Johns explains further.

Dominik Parker, a West Hills 4th grade Leadership Club member, shares "It was fun, and it was a good learning experience. Teaching 2nd graders is a good thing, because then they start believing something earlier on, and it's easier for them to learn it."  

2nd grader Steven Choukourian learned, "Courage means that you can do whatever you want, and that you should never give up."


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BHS Student Wins First Place Science and Intel Awards for Cancer Detection Process

Pooja Kannappan, ninth-grade student at BHHS, competed at the 2019 Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit (SEFMD), winning a First Place Award. Kannappan's project "Detecting Metastatic Cancer in Digital Pathology Scans Using Machine Learning" also received an Intel Award Certificate for outstanding achievement in the category of Computer Science. 

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A Note from Christine DiPilato

After eleven incredible years in Bloomfield Hills, this summer I will be transitioning to Troy School District to serve as the Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction.  

My experiences in Bloomfield have been rich; observing and supporting high levels of instruction, collaborating on building designs, championing high impact resources for students and teachers and celebrating student and staff achievements. The list could go on an on, but ultimately my time in Bloomfield has enriched my life both personally and professionally, for that I am truly grateful.

I am excited to begin my tenure in Troy but will miss the relationships I have established in Bloomfield along the way. Please know that my door is always open and I look forward to our paths crossing again soon!

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Wax Museum

Way's 4th-grade students showcase their rich learning opportunity for the Wax Museum Exhibition.  Students brainstormed ideas for individual inquiry, generated possible subtopics to guide research, read non-fiction books and articles, and incorporated their thinking routines throughout the process.  They worked hard, and it shows!

Student Sarim Chaudhary steps into the Statue of Liberty character and beams proudly, "I liked how we could choose anything that is either a person, place, or thing.  I enjoyed researching the Statue of Liberty, and presenting is really fun too!"

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NCAA 2019 College Signing Day

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, Bloomfield Hills High School participated in NCAA College Signing Day. The following BHHS athletes signed their NCAA Letters of Intent to play college sports in the fall of 2019:

  • Phoenix Williams, Howard University, Tennis
  • Maryam Hashim, Macomb College, Basketball
  • Cassidy Proctor, Michigan State University, Hockey
  • Alex Gold, Lawrence Technological University, Golf
  • Eddie Dyla, Madonna University, Lacrosse
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Search Firm for New Superintendent

Recently, the Bloomfield Hills Schools Board of Education met to determine the process by which they plan to hire a new superintendent. The Board of Education has decided to select a search firm to lead the search and are accepting proposals from search firms from now until May 21, 2019. On May 23, 2019, the Board of Education will hold a meeting to determine which firms to interview. Interviews are likely to take place on June 5, 2019, with the formal selection of a search firm to occur on June 6, 2019. Once a firm is selected, a timeline for the superintendent search will be posted to the district's website. The Board is looking forward to a collaborative and inclusive selection process.

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Students in multiple Bloomfield Hills Schools organized, educated, and inspired others to take care of and celebrate the environment as part of the global Earth Day/Earth Week. There were service learning fundraisers for various community causes, huge events to promote environmental education, and small actions by staff and students to increase understanding of environmental issues.

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