Vicky Croskey, BHHS Teacher, Receives Oakland County Teacher Recognition Award

Bloomfield Hills High School is proud to announce that teacher, Vicky Croskey, has been recently recognized for her teaching efforts through the Oakland County Educator Appreciation Program. Principal Charlie Hollerith says, "Mrs. Croskey has clearly made a difference in so many BHHS students lives and we are thrilled to celebrate this recognition.  Well Deserved!".

Teaching in Bloomfield Hills Schools for over 30 years, Mrs. Croskey has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of students throughout the decades.  Twelfth grader Jannel Simon says, "I'm very thankful for having the luxury of Mrs. Croskey teaching me over my fours years in high school.  She's very proactive in looking for ways to help me in my studies.  It's clear that teaching is more than just a job for her.  It's very personal and I love her!"

Dustin Elias, a senior, emphatically states, "I couldn't imaging coming to school without seeing Mrs. Croskey.  She helped me with my Middle Years Program Personal Project by steering me through all the ups and downs of planning for this year-long project.  I couldn't have done it without her!  She's someone that I will come back to visit after I graduate."

Croskey credits her longevity and success to working with such great students, families, administrators, and teacher colleagues.  Croskey says, "One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching are the kids.  I try to treat my students as if they are my own children".  Croskey concluded with advice for newer educators, "Today's teachers should know that they can always lean upon their colleagues for help and guidance.  These young teachers offer exciting new teaching techniques for me too!  Bloomfield Hills Schools is truly a family".